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Chance to treat more abdominal aneurysms in ‘anti-racist’ move

Chance to treat more abdominal aneurysms  in ‘anti-racist’ move
Thursday 08 December 2016, 10:36AM

A small trial screening for abdominal aortic aneurysm in Maori men has paid off, leading to an expanded programme next year that’s being dubbed an anti-racist initiative

Police to investigate cause of power cut as health services disrupted in Northland

Thursday 08 December 2016, 11:51AM

Northland GP Chris Reid knew something was amiss when he woke up “in pitch black” at Bay of Islands Hospital in Kawakawa this morning


Undisclosed Pharmac deal funds new breast cancer drug, with restrictions

Thursday 08 December 2016, 10:23AM

Pharmac’s decision to fund a new breast cancer drug from 1 January 2017 has been welcomed by advocacy groups but with a caveat, as 160 patients will miss out


No list of key advice for GPs in Choosing Wisely but major role to play

Wednesday 07 December 2016, 5:20PM

The RNZCGP is missing from the roll call of colleges advising members on reducing unnecessary tests and interventions via Choosing Wisely, a campaign being launched today


Canterbury DHB to look into after-hours provision in Waimakariri district –MP

Wednesday 07 December 2016, 5:09PM

The MP for Waimakariri says potential Canterbury DHB plans for expanding after-hours services in the district are a positive, and necessary, surprise



Un-edited statements from the health sector and beyond

Building a sustainable future medical workforce

NZMSA and ASMS Thursday 08 December 2016, 02:36PM

Petition on access to medicines for rare diseases

Lysosomal Diseases New Zealand Thursday 08 December 2016, 02:21PM

NZ health on cusp of bright new digital era

NZHIT Thursday 08 December 2016, 02:19PM

Massey scientists to lead international protein project

Massey University Thursday 08 December 2016, 02:17PM

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Disabled by a system: Straw men and getting the short straw

Disabled by a system: Straw men and getting the short strawTuesday 29 November 2016, 2:48PM

As agencies seek to provide more care options for people with disabilities, Wellington correspondent Virginia McMillan finds parents can struggle to get their preferred option

Disjointed: Medicinal cannabis

Thursday 10 November 2016, 4:48PM

Cannabis and its therapeutic use are making headlines, with calls for greater access to the drug and related products. Fiona Thomas looks at what is known about medicinal cannabis and where the current debate falls short

David and his Goliaths - Battling for change with a grin and a pen

Thursday 27 October 2016, 3:30PM

David Galler, author of a brilliant new book about intensive care and intense caring, talks to editor Barbara Fountain about his life, work, and hopes for healthcare and for New Zealand, and about the incident that didn’t make it into print


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Optimism and caution around health hub for Mercury Bay as land gifted

Optimism and caution around health hub for Mercury Bay as land giftedTuesday 06 December 2016, 4:33PM

Plans for an integrated health facility for the Coromandel Peninsula’s Mercury Bay are moving forward, but a local GP is advising caution

When a barefaced liar gets up to no good with your practice accounts

Wednesday 16 November 2016, 1:56PM

The former operations manager at Wanaka Lakes Health Centre was sentenced to prison last month for fraud. Liane Topham-Kindley asks how fraudsters get away with it and what general practices can do to deter them

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Protecting your data from the hackers

Monday 07 November 2016, 9:12AM

Dear Aunt MASie Recent media coverage about the hacking of Yahoo’s website and emails has me wondering – is there a potential risk to our practice information, even though we are in a small corner at the bottom of the world? Technology concerns, Central Otago


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Wisdom through the ages

Tuesday 01 November 2016, 3:46PM

Interactive map of practice ownership

Fiona ThomasWednesday 10 August 2016, 12:11PM

Budget 2016 on 26 May

Keira StephensonWednesday 01 June 2016, 4:17PM

The Zika virus

Ruth BrownTuesday 02 February 2016, 12:11PM

Budget 2015

Barbara FountainTuesday 12 May 2015, 11:38AM


Ideas, observations and a few curly questions from invited bloggers

Barbara Docherty

The tortuous route to prescribing cannabis

By Barbara Docherty Thursday 08 December 2016, 2:12PM Comments 0
David Doig

Nothing under four stars – The short run into summer

By David Doig Wednesday 07 December 2016, 3:03PM Comments 0
Jim Vause

Lessons from paramedics on how the learning is done

By Jim Vause Tuesday 06 December 2016, 12:40PM Comments 0
Barbara Docherty

We can’t afford to ignore nurses’ cries for help

By Barbara Docherty Friday 02 December 2016, 11:08AM Comments 0

Stories from 'Real, Raw and Relatable'

By Humans of South Auckland Friday 02 December 2016, 12:02PM Comments 0

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Dame Tariana Turia on the History of Whanau Ora - a TED Style Talk

Dame Tariana Turia, the former associate health minister who pushed for the whanau ora programme, asks workers from a range of health and social agencies “whether you operate your organisation in a way that actually makes a difference for our families”. A TED-style talk organised by Te Tihi o Ruahine Whanau Ora Alliance, Manawatu


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Interview with Tim Malloy, RNZCGP

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... for example it has been claimed in overseas studies that 15% or more of epidemic seasonal bronch...John Wilcox on No list of key advice for GPs in Choosing Wisely but major role to play
"No list of key advice for GPs in Choosing Wisely but major role to play" is the headline but in fac...Jon Wilcox on No list of key advice for GPs in Choosing Wisely but major role to play
So Coleman doesn't believe the statistical evidence, nor does he believe in his own commissioned sup...Geoff Cunningham on Survey results don’t tell the whole story, says health minister
Coleman says in the 12 months since the Government introduced free GP visits and prescriptions for u...Jon Wilcox on Survey results don’t tell the whole story, says health minister


What they’re saying in New Zealand Doctor…and more

Taken by surprise – the rise and rise of paramedicine

Taken by surprise – the rise and rise of paramedicineThursday 24 November 2016, 12:04PM

Sean Thompson is an intensive care paramedic with Wellington Free Ambulance and a clinical lecturer on the Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedic) programme at Whitireia Polytechnic. He explains his emerging health profession – paramedics

Government’s use of the hold, wash and spin cycles is hurting democracy

Thursday 10 November 2016, 4:50PM

Something is rotten at the heart of the processes that should be ensuring government decisions are transparent, writes Labour’s David Clark

If it can breed doctors as agents of change, then, yes to new med school

Friday 28 October 2016, 4:45PM

As Waikato University proposes another medical school, West Auckland GP Jonathan Simon looks at what the new school should do differently to its counterparts in Auckland and Dunedin


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Medicinal cannabis well on GPs' horizons

Thursday 24 November 2016, 9:29AM Comments 0
cannabis fax 7.11.16

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Ownership & Employment Workforce Survey 2016

RNZCGPThursday 01 December 2016, 1:57PM

Work & Wellbeing Workforce Survey 2016 - RNZCGP

RNZCGPThursday 01 December 2016, 1:49PM

Open4Results - HQSC report November 2016

HQSCTuesday 01 November 2016, 9:41AM

More Heart and Diabetes Checks Evaluation - 4 May 2016

Allen + ClarkeThursday 27 October 2016, 11:37AM


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