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Chances of new hospital in Queenstown look slim

Chances of new hospital in Queenstown look slim
Friday 24 October 2014, 3:18PM

The chances of a new hospital being built in Queenstown have all but been ruled out by Southern DHB’s chief executive

Wellington coroner Ian Smith dies

Friday 24 October 2014, 2:19PM

Ian Smith, who has been a Wellington coroner since 2009, died this morning.

‘Crisis’ over sonographer shortage

Friday 24 October 2014, 12:38PM

A shortage of sonographers spells problems for patients, says APEX spokesperson Deborah Powell

'It's not the 1950s': Practice owners grapple with Foxton's high expectations

Friday 24 October 2014, 11:44AM

The partners behind new Foxton health centre Te Waiora are trying to damp down community expectations after complaints about appointment delays

Tasmanian podiatrist suspended for giving rectal examination

Friday 24 October 2014, 11:27AM

Backdating of ban sees suspended podiatrist eligible to re-register in weeks



Un-edited statements from the health sector and beyond

Southern DHB needs to hang onto the keys of Queenstown's hospital

The Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (ASMS)Friday 24 October 2014, 3:27PM

Statement from Chief Coroner Judge Neil MacLean

Chief coroner Neil MacLeanFriday 24 October 2014, 1:39PM

Dhb CEO’s bury head in sand over sonographer crisis

Association of Professional and Executive Employees (APEX)Friday 24 October 2014, 12:36PM

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Postcards from the Edge: No funding, no PHO, no reason?

Postcards from the Edge: No funding, no PHO, no reason?Wednesday 22 October 2014, 4:18PM

Competition can be fierce for capitation funding. But, in south-east Auckland, a large practice that has been a frequent target of complaints from neighbouring practices finds itself shut out by all the local PHOs. Reynald Castaneda charts the history of Community Medical Centre Dannemora using letters, emails and reports obtained under the Official Information Act

AUDIT BLUES - Small hospitals feel the pinch

Thursday 09 October 2014, 11:43AM

It’s 13 years since private companies took over auditing of health facilities and an industry has grown up around compliance certification.

Accidental academic

Wednesday 24 September 2014, 3:33PM

From a southern farm to academic leadership in multicultural east Auckland, Ngaire Kerse recounts her journey to Cliff Taylor, and reveals why the life of a humble country GP still holds an allure

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Green Cross acquisition gives foot in door of south Island practices

Green Cross acquisition gives foot in door of south Island practicesThursday 23 October 2014, 9:30AM

Green Cross Health (NZX: GXH) announced today that it has signed an agreement to acquire Peak Primary Limited which owns 11 medical centres mainly located throughout the North Island with one in Christchurch.

Network’s big aspirations to do more for Pacific peoples

Thursday 09 October 2014, 2:02PM

A new network of Auckland general practices and social services targeting Pacific people has an eye on expansion

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Extension for Wanaka facility as practices continue to grow

Wednesday 24 September 2014, 3:28PM

Three years after a multimillion-dollar integrated family health centre opened in Wanaka, construction has begun on a $1 million extension.


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Keeping tabs on election promises

New Zealand DoctorWednesday 24 September 2014, 11:50AM

Collecting Alliance Leadership Teams

Barbara FountainThursday 28 August 2014, 2:00PM

Ebola outbreak

Ruth BrownTuesday 12 August 2014, 10:07AM

Ballot 2014

NZD TeamMonday 11 August 2014, 12:00AM

Equity and child poverty

Ruth BrownTuesday 24 June 2014, 11:21AM

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Neil Jarvis, product manager for Pradaxa at Boehringer Ingelheim, talks about his past time of BASE jumping

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Jim Vause

Finding the soul in numbers – or getting away with Muda

By Jim Vause Friday 24 October 2014, 12:10PM Comments 3
Barbara Docherty

The darker side of Ebola management

By Barbara Docherty Thursday 23 October 2014, 10:20AM Comments 2
Emma Dunning

The naming of sexual organs can be a delicate matter

By Emma Dunning Tuesday 21 October 2014, 10:26AM Comments 1
Jim Vause

An intellectually impaired robot leaves elder-care funding under question

By Jim Vause Monday 20 October 2014, 11:57AM Comments 0

Tandem-trekking GP couple fundraise for MS

By Rachel Wattie Wednesday 15 October 2014, 11:59AM Comments 0

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Until we know the full details it’s hard to get a view on this but it could either be Greencross(GC)...Has Bean on New ownership options for staff in Peak Primary centres
In fact I was doing my unpaid Saturday catch-up this morning at the surgery and ended up emailing a...Jon Wilcox on Finding the soul in numbers – or getting away with Muda
In Korea, the practitioners of Muda are called 'salary thiefs' and they are more often than not embe...Jon Wilcox on Finding the soul in numbers – or getting away with Muda
Muda (無駄?) is a Japanese word meaning "futility; uselessness; idleness; superfluity; waste; wastage;...Jonathan on Finding the soul in numbers – or getting away with Muda


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Bringing back the medieval guilds

Bringing back the medieval guildsWednesday 22 October 2014, 4:31PM

What’s the story with the Royal Auckland College of Urgent Care? West Auckland GP Jonathan Simon is mystified over the appearance of the Royal New Zealand College of Urgent Care but convinced the portents are not good

Looking to shift focus from dirty politics to values

Thursday 09 October 2014, 1:58PM

The political campaigning is over but questions remain. Doug Sellman, professor of psychiatry and addiction medicine at the University of Otago, Christchurch, was one of the public health researchers targeted by the Whale Oil blog, an incident covered in Nicky Hager’s book Dirty Politics

An ordinary GP reflects on prostate screening

Wednesday 24 September 2014, 3:30PM

I feel the medical profession has dug itself into a hole with the prostate screening issue and doesn’t know how to extricate itself.

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Springtime lifts spirits but leaves many GPs cold

Wednesday 24 September 2014, 3:41PM Comments 0

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Health and Independence Report October 2014

Director-General of HealthThursday 23 October 2014, 2:13PM

Yersinia pseudotuberculosis outbreak: results of a case control study, second interim report

Ministry for Primary IndustriesThursday 16 October 2014, 4:26PM

Yersinia pseudotuberculosis outbreak: results of a case control study

Ministry for Primary IndustriesThursday 16 October 2014, 4:21PM

Yersinia pseudotuberculosis outbreak: Summary of ESR case control studies

Ministry for Primary IndustriesThursday 16 October 2014, 4:15PM

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