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On eve of rollout, fears under-funding may restrict hep C treatment

On eve of rollout, fears under-funding may restrict hep C treatment
Friday 30 September 2016, 3:20PM

The RNZCGP fears under-funding threatens a ground-breaking hepatitis C treatment even as GPs prepare to start prescribing it from tomorrow

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ProCare keen to see practices use quality management software

Friday 30 September 2016, 4:10PM

Auckland PHO ProCare wants its practices to use an Australian quality management system, Logiqc, after seeing its benefits first hand


Whanganui practice cracks open bubbly to celebrate drawn-out PHO moving day

Friday 30 September 2016, 3:43PM

GP Bill Douglas and his colleagues at Whanganui’s Jabulani Medical Centre will be cracking open the champagne this evening, celebrating their last day working under Whanganui Regional Public Health Network


Extra funds for PRIME unlikely; review being considered within existing funding envelope

Friday 30 September 2016, 1:53PM

Extra funding to ensure the sustainability of the national rural medical emergency and accident service is unlikely, with the current review being considered within the existing funding envelope


Take a look at… RNZCGP and NZMA submissions on reclassifying 'the pill'

Thursday 29 September 2016, 3:51PM

Doctors have again objected to a push to have the contraceptive pill reclassified so that pharmacists can supply it without prescription



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Major investment for cancer patients unveiled

Canterbury DHB Friday 30 September 2016, 02:18PM

Local body candidates to be quizzed on healthy communities

Heart Foundation Friday 30 September 2016, 02:14PM

October 1: a momentous day for many people living with hepatitis C in New Zealand

The Hepatitis Foundation of New Zealand Friday 30 September 2016, 01:47PM

Canterbury gears up for Digital Detox

All Right? Friday 30 September 2016, 01:44PM

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Shutter bugs A family ‘love’ story

Shutter bugs A family ‘love’ storyThursday 29 September 2016, 9:01AM

Kawerau GP Tony Whitehead is a finalist in The New Zealand Geographic Photographer of the Year award. An exhibition showcasing the images of the 47 finalists finishes in Christchurch at the end of this month and will head north to Auckland next month, before the winners are announced

Counting costs: Saving sense

Thursday 15 September 2016, 12:03PM

Find $700 million worth of savings in five years, then health minister Tony Ryall told a new government agency, Health Benefits Ltd, in 2010. But one of the first moves of his successor Jonathan Coleman was to jettison HBL. In its place arose NZ Health Partnerships Ltd. Virginia McMillan examines progress made on streamlining the life and times of the country’s DHBs

No place like home: How well do we treat our ‘foreign legion’ of international doctors?

Tuesday 06 September 2016, 4:14PM

New Zealand’s health workforce has one of the highest proportions of international medical graduates in the world. With growing health demands and a historic shortage of doctors, the system will be reliant on this foreign legion for years to come. What draws these doctors to our shores and what sort of welcome do they receive?


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Online practice accreditation tool adapted from education reviews

Online practice accreditation tool adapted from education reviewsTuesday 20 September 2016, 3:13PM

A school-based organisation programme has been the inspiration for a new online system to help practices get organised for Cornerstone and Foundation Standard accreditation

New premises provide room to grow for Wellington practice in fire aftermath

Wednesday 07 September 2016, 1:43PM

New premises for Ora Toa Poneke Medical Centre after a fire in June are taking shape near the Basin Reserve in Wellington

GPs wary of corporate owners but overestimate influence

Thursday 18 August 2016, 10:32AM

The overwhelming majority of GPs responding to the latest New Zealand Doctor/IMS Health fax poll would prefer to work under capitation in their own practice than be paid a salary by a corpo­rate owner

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Keira StephensonWednesday 01 June 2016, 4:17PM

The Zika virus

Ruth BrownTuesday 02 February 2016, 12:11PM

Budget 2015

Barbara FountainTuesday 12 May 2015, 11:38AM

Keeping tabs on election promises

New Zealand DoctorWednesday 24 September 2014, 11:50AM


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Dear Aunt MASie

The ABC of boosting financial returns for practice owners

By Dear Aunt MASie Friday 30 September 2016, 2:20PM Comments 0

What went wrong? Water disaster inquiry needs systems approach

By Comment Thursday 29 September 2016, 10:58AM Comments 0
Barbara Fountain

And then they ate the agenda

By Barbara Fountain Wednesday 28 September 2016, 1:50PM Comments 0
Jim Vause

New Zealand Doctor at fault: A Bridget Jones reality check

By Jim Vause Wednesday 28 September 2016, 1:34PM Comments 0

Under the influence… Blade Runner

By The film blog Wednesday 21 September 2016, 2:33PM Comments 0
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Hasn't the actual neonatal and perinatal mortality rate dropped considerably in the...billdouglas on Take a look at: Otago University study comparing midwife and medical-led care
The nominal cost of the drug from the available data is around $600 million dollars ov...Bill Douglas on On eve of rollout, fears under-funding may restrict hep C treatment
How right this all feels. Yes, please let us rid ourselves of this nonsense by restoring midwifery t...Philip Harrison on Take a look at: Otago University study comparing midwife and medical-led care
1) The majority of resistant organisms are nasocomial. 2) There is an issue when these nasocomial in...Bryan Moore on GPs keen to curb use of antibiotics, but carry on prescribing them


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What could have gone wrong? Water disaster inquiry needs systems approach

What could have gone wrong? Water disaster inquiry needs systems approachThursday 29 September 2016, 5:06PM

The water contamination crisis in Hawke’s Bay was a symptom of a bigger problem to be found in local government’s attitude to water and its health implications. Don Matheson and Greg Oliver comment

Greater awareness of benefits of organ donation needed

Thursday 15 September 2016, 11:58AM

NZMA GP Council chair Kate Baddock looks at the issues arising as the Financial Assistance for Live Organ Donors Bill reaches its select committee stage

Loved the #GPConf16 – at the time

Wednesday 07 September 2016, 2:13PM

Hokitika GP Kathleen Potter reflects on the Conference for General Practice and wonders if she was hoodwinked


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GPs keen to curb use of antibiotics, but carry on prescribing them

Thursday 29 September 2016, 4:47PM Comments 0

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Health sector: Results of the 2014/15 audits

Office of the Auditor-GeneralWednesday 17 August 2016, 9:00AM


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