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...Absolutely magic link, forwarded +++, thanks. It's hard enough having a "normal" consultation with....More questions than answers in new review on patient portals - Krish Pillay


...A Ministry of Health spokesperson adds, as a member of the WHO, New Zealand, through the Ministry of....Ebola outbreak intensifies as world tries to catch up - Reynald Castaneda


...I don't need or want any or higher status. I would be extremely happy to have respect: from our so....GPs should have higher status – Malloy - Krish Pillay


...You raise many points Tim that need further questioning... 1) Despite the increased level of qualifi....GPs should have higher status – Malloy - Anon


...Professor Fraser has never addressed my two key questions: 1. Why not partner with the likes of Ser....GAS strains complicate search for rheumatic fever vaccine - Lance Gravatt


...Time to watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vu-_V02if_kMore questions than answers in new review on patient portals - Bryan Moore


...I don't know too many GPs these days who get up in the morning put on their tweed jackets and concer....GPs should have higher status – Malloy - Richard powell


...I would like to say a few words unrelated to the inequities of payment. I was a Post-doctoral Fello....GPs should have higher status – Malloy - Lance Gravatt


...Good suggestion Lance - I have just the candidate for you, and he is an IMG.Oh dear, it looks like a blubber dump - Anon


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