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...Hi Anon, thank you for your comments. The essential issue here is the PSAAP and the Ministry are ne....Planning for roll-out of zero fees for under-13s begins - Jonathan Simon


...Jonathan you entirely ignore the precept on which Capitation was based: passing the liability for in....Planning for roll-out of zero fees for under-13s begins - Anon


...AH+ are to be congratulated for offering practices in Auckland a choice.As there is more than one PH....‘Desperate’ PHO letter seeks practices keen to jump ship - Jonathan Simon


...Maybe Bill, but Helium is the only element on earth that escapes gravitational forces and continuous....MRI service for Blenheim - Lance Gravatt


...I guess with t he rapid progress of scientific endeavours by then with clean fusio....MRI service for Blenheim - Bill Douglas


...NZMA has been telling the ACC this for years . The current A&M clinic discussions....Planning for roll-out of zero fees for under-13s begins - Bill Douglas


...This is a chance for the Government to make General Practice more attractive to medical Students but....Planning for roll-out of zero fees for under-13s begins - Keith Blayney (GP)


...All these supercooled conductors and supercooled magnets require liquid Helium. Helium is a rare....MRI service for Blenheim - Lance Gravatt


...I can answer my own question now. Pharmaceutical companies of any form, ethos, nationality or track....Network’s big aspirations to do more for Pacific peoples - Lance Gravatt


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