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Sham procedure's success slows NZ trial of zapping device for BP reduction

Sham procedure's success slows NZ trial of zapping device for BP reduction
Thursday 17 April 2014, 2:25PM

A renal denervation device has come up short in a randomised controlled trial that was widely expected to launch a new era of treatment for resistant hypertension

Virus risk as holidays loom

Thursday 17 April 2014, 2:07PM

Today heralds the beginning of Easter and school holidays and a potentially heightened risk of spreading viruses

Nurse practitioners can diagnose as well as trainee specialists: study

Thursday 17 April 2014, 1:45PM

Nurse practitioners are as capable as hospital registrars when it comes to diagnosis and making treatment decisions, according to PhD research from Massey University's school of nursing

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New electronic face for Southern DHB

Thursday 17 April 2014, 12:37PM

Southern DHB’s website has a new design as the DHB looks to communicate more effectively with its communities

Ministry seeks feedback on full resthome audits

Thursday 17 April 2014, 11:36AM

A public survey has been launched to help the Ministry of Health decide if it should keep publishing full resthome audit reports online



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Medtronic statement

MedtronicThursday 17 April 2014, 2:17PM

Expert nurses as good as doctors – new research

Massey UniversityThursday 17 April 2014, 1:47PM

Southern DHB website gets a new look

Southern DHBThursday 17 April 2014, 12:27PM

Disease risk increases with holiday travel

Nelson Marlborough DHBThursday 17 April 2014, 11:27AM

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Child health quandaries put doctors on their mettle

Child health quandaries put doctors on their mettleThursday 10 April 2014, 10:57AM

The Goodfellow Symposium attracted 365 paying delegates. One particularly popular session looked at conundrums in child health. Jeremy Olds reports

New framework gearing up to mind your business

Thursday 27 March 2014, 12:34PM

It's time to get used to the new standards and targets soon to be demanded of primary care. Liane Topham-Kindley unpicks the latest missive on the regime

NZer of the year tells PM smarter thinking needed

Wednesday 12 March 2014, 4:52PM

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini. (My success should not be bestowed upon me alone, as it was not individual success but success of a collective.) This Maori proverb has become a mantra for New Zealan­der of the Year Lance O'Sullivan.


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The doctor is in – for both criticism and praise

The doctor is in – for both criticism and praiseThursday 10 April 2014, 11:02AM

As people power takes to the internet, Ruth Larsen examines online doctor-rating by New Zealanders and asks whether it's fair

GPs with shared care records balloon, more to sign on

Thursday 27 March 2014, 12:38PM

Up to 150 general practices have been securely sharing patient records online with hospital and pharmacies in an effort to effectively manage patients with long-term conditions

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Networks join forces in new telehealth business venture

Wednesday 12 March 2014, 5:01PM

Improving telehealth services is the goal of two high-profile primary care networks, that have teamed up in a new business venture


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Ballot 2014

Amanda CameronMonday 07 April 2014, 11:15AM

Collecting Alliance Leadership Teams

Barbara FountainWednesday 02 April 2014, 12:00AM

Budget 2014

Barbara FountainWednesday 26 March 2014, 12:10PM

A new performance and incentive programme

Barbara FountainThursday 31 October 2013, 5:01PM

DHB Elections 2013

Barbara FountainFriday 06 September 2013, 3:18PM

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Every day there are news reports of new health advice, but how can you know if they're right? Doctor and epidemiologist Ben Goldacre shows us, in a high-speed TEDTalk, the ways evidence can be distorted, from the blindingly obvious nutrition claims to the very subtle tricks of the pharmaceutical industry


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If a cost, even outside of the sphere of healthcare, is directly related to a patient’s disability, Jo Scott-Jones says it should be considered when making an allowance application

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Barbara Docherty

Why conversations in general practice are not about talking

By Barbara Docherty Thursday 17 April 2014, 11:47AM Comments 0
Emma Dunning

Better things to fund than treatment for wrinkly skin

By Emma Dunning Tuesday 15 April 2014, 9:22AM Comments 3
Funny bone

The Rock Obama: Health Care Gridlock - Saturday Night Live

By Funny bone Monday 14 April 2014, 4:01PM Comments 0
Howard Wilson

My life in their hands

By Howard Wilson Monday 14 April 2014, 1:37PM Comments 0

Sittin’ on the dock of the bay

By Virginia McMillan Friday 28 March 2014, 12:00AM Comments 0
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Time to look for a new term for this sytle of 'research". SSDRF self-serving data to re-inforce fu...Doug Smith on Nurse practitioners can diagnose as well as trainee specialists: study
The study is a bit of a sham really. Any good triage nurse working at an A&M clinic would also get t...Jon Wilcox on Nurse practitioners can diagnose as well as trainee specialists: study
Obesity surely is simply a motivational disorder of self-discipline. We see that for the lucky few w...Ken Barlow on Obesity crushing health system
It seems the doc was a certifying consultant and she was thus cutting corners. We all do things from...Ena Sharples on Doctor’s abortion care illegal, tribunal says


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Big ideas from the party that brought us SuperGold

Big ideas from the party that brought us SuperGoldThursday 10 April 2014, 11:05AM

New Zealand First is clear on its priorities for health and cannot be accused of timidity

Obesity crushing health system

Thursday 27 March 2014, 12:41PM

Middlemore Hospital intensive care specialist David Galler sees obesity end people's lives in the most literal sense. He can only see it getting worse and wants action, now

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Health sized up for King hit

Wednesday 12 March 2014, 4:59PM

Tony Ryall may be retiring but Labour counterpart Annette King has no plans to kick back

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Many GPs still turned off by prospect of patient portals

Thursday 10 April 2014, 12:18PM Comments 0
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Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment

Wednesday 19 February 2014, 3:03PM

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