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A new approach to health launched in Taranaki

Tui OraThursday 30 August 2012, 9:17AM

Media release from Tui Ora
A new approach to lift the standard of health for Maori and people with high needs in Taranaki  received strong support when it was launched in New Plymouth today (August 29).
Taranaki health and social services provider Tui Ora Ltd and the National Hauora Coalition today launched Te Kawau Mārō at Te Piere o Te Rangi at the Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki. The service aims to stop the cycle of poor health by taking an integrated approach to the health requirements of Maori and high-needs clients by tackling social issues as well where required.
Te Kawau Mārō heralds a new era in health for the region. It sees Tui Ora Ltd join forces with the National Hauora Coalition, a national organisation dedicated to improving services to Maori and those most in need. The new approach in Taranaki falls under the Whanau Ora umbrella.
The alliance between Tui Ora Ltd and the National Hauora Coalition will allow a more holistic approach to clients' health needs under the Te Kawau Mārō model.
For example, if a patient whose health is suffering is struggling to make ends meet, then it will not merely be the patient's health problems that will be treated. Tui Ora Ltd will also have access to services through the National Hauora Coalition so that it can examine the patient's financial difficulties which may be contributing to poor health. Budgeting help and advice on shopping for more nutritional food may help improve the patient's health.
Similarly, a client who presents with high blood pressure will not only be treated but will be referred to a DSM nurse who will educate him or her on the benefits of a better diet and exercise to avoid heart disease.
Tui Ora Ltd chief executive Hayden Wano said improving health was the priority for Te Kawau Mārō.
"The objective is to make a significant difference in improving health outcomes for our population. This will be done in partnership with the other providers in the sector.
"But when we treat people, we need to also examine wider issues that may be contributing to poor health and find solutions."
He said Te Kawau Mārō created the opportunity to work closely with iwi and hapu to achieve this goal.
"This is very much the beginning of a process but we are already starting to make a difference for our people.
"Our aim is to have our services accessible to a wider number of people in Taranaki, and we will continue to work collectively to improve the lives and whanau that we service."
National Hauora Coalition Chair, Dr Cindy Kiro, said they were delighted to be working with a like minded organisation like Tui Ora.
"We agree that a coordinated and integrated approach is the way to help whanau with the greatest needs." - Ends
Contact: Hayden Wano  phone  0274434238  email:  hayden.wano@tuiora.co.nz

Te Kawau Mārō marks a new era in health services in Taranaki.
It takes a holistic approach to health services by examining wider patient issues.
Te Kawau Mārō is driven by health and social services provider Tui Ora.
Tui Ora Ltd unites with the National Hauora Coalition to access more services under the Whanau Ora model.
Tui Ora Ltd has 140 staff, and is an established Maori Development Organisation (MDO) operating as a "Lead Contractor" with a 'for Maori by Maori' focus, on the specific needs of Maori in Taranaki..   It is an umbrella organisation for:

  • Maori Health and Social Service Providers, providing support in contract negotiations with funders.
  • Maori workforce development;

The National Hauora Coalition is a Whānau Ora organisation with a national Primary Health Organisation (PHO) containing over 60 GP practices. Its members represent a full range of providers and organisations serving more than 330,000 Māori and non-Māori high-needs whānau throughout New Zealand.

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