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Auckland District Health Board recognised by Kimberly-Clark Health Care in fight against healthcare-associated infections (HAIs)

Kimberly-Clark Health Care Thursday 11 April 2013, 12:46PM

Media release from Kimberly-Clark Health Care

Kimberly-Clark Health Care is accepting nominations for their 2013 HAI WATCHDOG* Awards Program for Australian and New Zealand hospitals as part of their global awards program.

With concerns regarding HAIs growing worldwide, these awards were created as an initiative of the Kimberly-Clark HAI WATCHDOG* Program, to recognise HAI champions who make a difference in reducing and preventing these serious, often life-threatening Healthcare-Associated Infections.

While many hospitals in New Zealand continue to battle with HAIs, one hospital is taking action. Auckland District Health Board being proactive and leading the way for others in HAI prevention, after taking home first place in the HAI WATCHDOG* Awards program for its CSSD Infection Prevention Initiative in its first year of the program in Australia and New Zealand as judged by an independent judging panel.

The CSSD developed and implemented a program titled "CSSD fight against a creeping contamination incident," led by Mohammad Alshadiefat of the Central Sterile Supply Department at Auckland District Health Board.

The program focused on reducing HAIs and internal customer rejections by reviewing the cleaning of surgical instruments to determine whether additional decontamination procedures and steps need to be instigated in sterile-service departments to reduce the risk of infection.

Mohammad Alshadiefat said the initiative not only led to a more effective preparation model for surgical instruments, but that it was cost and time saving for the health board.

"It was concluded that there was an immediate need for removing the pre-soak bath as these are not controlled. Furthermore, there was a saving of almost $100,000 annually on detergent and soaking bath water and a reduction of 4 minutes on average per set reprocessing in the Decontamination area," said Mohammad.

To continue their efforts in the reduction and prevention of the serious, and often life threatening infections, the hospital has been provided with a Kimberly-Clark Health Care grant to further their staff educational efforts.

To continue their efforts in the reduction and prevention of HAIs the hospital has been provided with a Kimberly-Clark Health Care HAI WATCHDOG* educational grant. 

To find out more about Auckland District Health Board's initiative please visit: www.haiwatchdog.com.

Two other hospitals also took out top honours in the HAI WATCHDOG* Awards program in Australia and New Zealand. Royal Perth Hospital won ICU Infection Prevention Initiative Category for the program titled "Achievement of zero Central line associated blood stream Infections (CLABSIs) over 12 month in a Tertiary Hospital" which was led by Rosie Lee, Coordinator, Infection Prevention and Management Royal Perth Hospital.
Lismore Base Hospital won first place in the Clinician Choice Category with a program titled "All Screwed Up - Reprocessing Single Use Sterile Screws," led by Ruth Strickland-Ross, CSSD Manager. The program aimed to reduce potential HAIs during surgery that may have originated from re-stocking screw banks in the CSSD.

To find out more about these initiatives please visit: www.haiwatchdog.com.

Do you know of an HAI prevention initiative that deserves recognition?

Deadlines for 2013 HAI WATCHDOG* Award entries:
Australia / New Zealand: 30th September  2013
*Registered Trademark or Trademark of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc.

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