'A battle is looming' - GP urges docs to join the genomics revolution


'A battle is looming' - GP urges docs to join the genomics revolution

William Ferguson
Kumeu GP William Ferguson inspired the Rotorua GP CME audience with his passion for genomics
Evidence-based medicine is reaching the limits of its effectiveness and GPs need to embrace the new science of genomics to tackle the hardest health c


Epigenetics is fascinating but at the coalface if we keep Mothers from alcohol, drugs and smoking - fullly breastfed - fathers as well as possible at conception - homes as warm and safe - food and exercise as best we can - does this not influence the outcomes of the diceroll that is epigenetics? Ie basics, right? None of these things require doctors. They were all done in the old days by wise women, midwives, medicine people. Isnt his argument then, for doctors to cede that we do not advocate for wellness, well! 

William you are so right. Medical generalists ie GP are in the best position to train in nutritional genomics. If this generation of GPs do not learn these skills there are many others who are already stepping up to take on this role.

Tests cost money, questions are free. Sometimes a little enquiry will reveal why something is not working. Ask, don't tell. Might work for Government too.