Deal or no deal? GPs weigh options on primary care funding agreement

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Deal or no deal? GPs weigh options on primary care funding agreement

GPs are keen to get some firm details of the proposal to figure out how it will affect them financially
 Financially we are going to be on a bit of a hiding here if we accept. It’s not looking good Agreement has been reached on a package of $37


The co-payment is General Practice's hedge against persistent inadequate funding, inadequate increases in funding and escalating costs. This ability to respond is being eroded by this "deal". The funding will not be increased to compensate for losses or increasing costs and hence it has effectively rendered General Practice as non-viable in the future. The efficiencies that General Practice offers the health system stem from the small business owner-operator model and this model is now effectively doomed. Most will have no option but to accept as it is a take-it-or-leave-it offer (as essentially all offers to General Practice have been in the past). Leaving it means you are non-viable in the short-term as the competition will put you out of business. Taking it will make you non-viable in the mid-term as the effects of rising costs and the inability to adequately respond start to bite. There is no long-term - aside from practices with massive rolls and restricted access. Heard of the NHS anybody? Bothered to look at what is happening over there if you are looking for a precedent? Well done PSAAP you have really *@#$ed this one up. Only the brain-dead or the heartless can see any benefit from this.

Well done PSAAP, the "burning platform" method of negotiation from the Government, the oldest trick in the book and you fell for it. Brilliant.

As for this being a temporary fix, I have heard via ministry sources that VLCA is here to stay. So much for any hope of equity with this BS review.