HDC urges haste on health IT ventures to cut medication error rate


HDC urges haste on health IT ventures to cut medication error rate

Digital highway
Still no destination in sight for the much-discussed electronic health record
Health and disability commissioner Anthony Hill has urged speed in the rollout of electronic medicine management systems, to help reduce adverse event


1. e-Prescribing is available - but General Practice is expected to pay for it/ fund it. Given the escalating costs and diminishing value of capitation it is not going to happen unless Government funds it. General Practice certainly wants it but (most) General Practices cannot afford it.

2. Alan Moffitt needs to read the Hippocratic Oath. In no version - original, ancient or modern does the phrase "first do no harm appear". 

If the HDC wants to reduce medication errors, they should be banging their drums for Conportos' EDM system, which has proven its capability in detecting and avoiding harm:https://www.conportohealth.co.nz/Products-Services/Conporto-EDM


ProCare medical director Allan Moffitt got in touch after this story was published to say he had intended to mention the benefits of Conporto’s EDM process which will look up several data sets to see if there are likely clashes or medicines warnings that need to be taken into account. It is this sort of innovation that we would welcome as the current “medicine reactions” within MedTech are overly sensitive and people ignore them mostly because they are not clinically relevant whereas the Conporto alerts will be clinically meaningful and require action.

ePrescribingis still a paper based system.  You send an escript but still have to fax or post paper.  You do an eCD script and you still have to sign, post and fax to the pharmacy.  Does not improve our admin staffs involvement in scripts and nor does it change anything for me, except not havign to handwrite a triplicate form

And for that you have to pay!