ProCare PMS review outcome throws up competition concern from vendors

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ProCare PMS review outcome throws up competition concern from vendors

IT wars
IT wars

Health IT has always been a tough business, but now it’s getting brutal. Fiona Thomas takes a look at the decision by ProCare and other large PHOs to look to new practice management system providers

It’s unlikely there will be any new players in the New Zealand market soon Auckland GP and the founding director of myPractice, Ashwin Patel, is


Whatever PMS I choose to use, I actually want it to be a very minor part of the consultation - the patient flow is talking with the patient, listening to the patients story and interacting with the computer as little as possible! The story with the patient is what counts, and we must not lose site of that.

From a college perspective (I'm medical director at RNZCGP), whatever system you choose, learn to use it well. Make sure you set reminders, check drug interactions, have a system for test result review. Medicine is a dangerous business, we have to make sure we have critical information available to us when we need it, and we need to know how to find it.

Disclaimer: I am a board member of Compass, which did a PMS evaluation and chose Indici. I'm also past member of Medtech Advisory Group. This opinion is as a private GP, not representing Compass, the college and I have no affiliation with Medtech beyond being a user.


Great article thank you. The real need is not the PMS per se but having a platform that the PMS can plug into. We all use our PMS systems in different ways but having a platform that collects data from multiple sources and can be used nationwide would be a wonderful thing. Patients already expect us to have access to all sorts of things that we don't and frequently want to talk about data they have but are unable to share. PHOs and DHBs spend an inordinate amount of money on IT which seems to be an endless pit without necessarily providing any patient benefit which is what it should all be about.

Is there  an update on  this  story ?  On  the  1st of  April  I  have  been told   that   a number  of  med tech  32  systems  will  cease to  function because the Ministry  has  decreed  that   there are to  be  no  more    patches   to  make  it  function   under the  new NES  environment. This    lack  of support   for   upgradeability    and   apparent    heavy  handed   approach has  left  few  options   one of  which   was  an expensive  server  upgrade  at short notice .

This   comes at a time  when  our  vaccine   fridge   reaches   the  age of  10. Again apparently  the  Ministry    has  decreed that   it will   no  longer pass   for  cold chain  accreditation   and  MUST   be  replaced  or  we  stop   being  supplied  with  vaccine .

Asking  around  it  seems that  it  used to  be  tht   fridge manufactures  recommended    10  years   and  then  someone  covinced  the  ministry  to  fix the life of  frides at 10  years  . 


 Are there  any  PMS   users   in New Zealand  on  the  cloud  ? Are they  all   totally  based in  NZ   Is that   a Ministry  requirement  ?

 Wha are the costs  ? what  are the advantages ? what are  the  down  sides ?   are the users happy .

 Regulation    with out  appropriate  compensation and  payment  for  practices  and  providers  is   becoming   de rigeur  and    increasingly   expensive  .