Ministry releases DHB targets but not for PHOs


Ministry releases DHB targets but not for PHOs

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The ministry is no longer presenting its DHB performance data in graph form
With a new set of national health targets not expected until next year, the Ministry of Health has released this year’s DHB, performance tables withou


The smoking cessation target  seems to have become  a farce. In Whanganui it looks like the Ministry's  $34 a smoker  ( second highest after  West Coast  and double  most other areas ) has evaporated  into vapour  with no reports to the community or region by the regional smoking  partners.

Previously  $40,000 for Taihape  seems to help support the   Whanganui PHO funding stream  for its own practice, Te Oranganui gets a share  but unknown how much ,  Health Solutions Trust  employs  local doctor and national  smoking cessation champion  John  McMenamin  with its $250,000 income , and the DHB  has no idea where  the $340,000 goes  from the income it is a nominal partner in spending. Apart from the  funding for  the three practices owned by the PHO  in Taihape ,  Raetihi and  Gonville  no money from  the regional service funding  has been allocated to General Practice. No  reports of smokers from other general practices giving up  using the service have been provided this year. Like so many  Health Projects  , the funding  for the project is good for the project  but the  ongoing   funding for implementation doesn't   transfer to General Practice 

Immunisation administrsations have gone up and the ministry / Minister  cut the funding  for the service increase.