Need for better access to GPs, health ministry tells Clark


Need for better access to GPs, health ministry tells Clark

Political panel
David Clark takes part in a political panel with GP Buzz Burrell, Metiria Turei, Peter Dunne and Ria Bond while on the campaign trail earlier this year
Universal services are not reaching some of our most vulnerable groups to the degree needed Improved access


The answer to fixing Primary Care is VLCA, it needs to be urgently abolished if we are going to ever hope to move forward and fix inequities. Sadly as has been shown in the last fortnight the pro VLCA brigade could never consider equity, fair competition or ever sharing the trough they wallow in with others that are now in danger of liquidation with alleged rumours of ministerial lobbying. There appears to be panic in some VLCA circles with the thought of equity, this is disgraceful. If this is indeed true this or these representatives must be removed from any current and future roles. 

I appreciate we've had a change in Government but let's sum up 2017. 

No progress in gross funding inequities and abolishing VLCA. Tick

No progress in ACC inequities for urban GPs. Tick

Instead of making a strong statement opposing VLCA, the College reminds the Minister about his highly flawed funding policy that is pro-VLCA and will increase inequities. Tick

A few will consider this a huge success as they enjoy an absence of competition and a wealth of funding us urban Access funded GPs can only dream of.