Pressure on Government to make the call on school of rural health


Pressure on Government to make the call on school of rural health

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All rural roads lead to a virtual school of health under the latest Auckland-Otago-AUT universities proposal
An article published in the New Zealand Medical Journal today has brought the idea of a rural medical school to the fore again, sparking calls for gov


As much as I appreciate the need for rural GPs, but let's look at the elephant in the room people! Docs don't want to do the job because General Practice has become an increasingly unattractive option and being rural puts extra strain on GPs, partners and families. The answer is making General Practice an attractive specialty, something the "review" has an opportunity to do but will invariably fail to achieve.

Will the graduates get a Diploma in Medicine? With a "slightly less academic focus" it invariably devalues all New Zealand medical degrees and is flawed on so many levels. In the words of Steve Hansen, "we need to flush this dunny and start again".

A third rural school of medicine needs to be flushed before any more money is wasted on scoping.


Attention rural nurses! So what do you think of all this? As you are likely only to be mentioned as a sub set in this discussion  your opinions are essential and key to these proposals. Many of us want to hear from you and I happen to be aware that there are many of you out there with amazing research and clinical skills and expertise with a good dollop of post graduate degrees.Dobt let others speak on your behalf

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