Flying solo: GPs taking control of their own destinies

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Flying solo: GPs taking control of their own destinies

Diana Good
Working as a solo doctor supported by other allied health professionals is the perfect solution for Auckland GP Diana Good Photo: Fraser Newman

The demise of the single-GP practice has been predicted for decades, as the twin forces of amalgamation and corporatisation gobble up small businesses. But a healthy handful are still plying their traditional trade – and newcomers are joining their ranks. Cliff Taylor asks whether solo GPs are the last of the lone rangers, or is there life in the old practice model yet

There’s something about being the family doctor. You can do it your own way. It depends how you want to do general practice THE GRAEME Avenue sho, John Upsdell's practice, The supreme winner at last year’s ProCare awards, Dr Upsdell’s Surgery, operates out of a tiny cul-de-sac in Mangere east


Flying solo for 35 years, not changing anytime soon.


  1. Did not become a GP to get rich quick (probably did not try hard enough!)
  2. Love my patients & their families (3-4 generations)
  3. They love me & my family (3-4 generations)
  4. Hate managers and bureaucracy telling me what, when & how to do everything, especially ticking their boxes ("non-useful work") 

PS:  In my town the 3 full-time doctors are all solos!