Dear David Clark

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Dear David Clark

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Lucy O'Hagan


Dunedin GP Lucy O’Hagan has her sights set on better primary care mental health services with GPs at the helm. There’s just someone she needs to convince first

So, dear David, I wish to apply to be a GP, funded for free extended mental health consults I think you are a marvellous minister of health. The


Lucy darling it sounds like you are in my chair, seeing my patients, while I have sand in my toes/ sun on my nose. I would leap around like a cheerleader if I thought your plea will be heard but Im becoming rhinoceros-skinned / GP is being reduced to robbing Peter/pay Paul and I dread what Peter will do when hefigures this out. 

Lucy you are speaking my mind! I already do these extended consultations, and end up losing out (eg running late and doing more in my evenings / 'spare' time...). I have done the ACT online course, and feel equipped to help these people - having a relationship already established etc etc.... but we need funding to do this properly! And agree, a proper time to do it too. I hope those in power can read this... 
Thank you for taking the time to write that. - Hollie (GP, UHMC, Hobsonville)