Dear David Clark

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Dear David Clark

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Lucy O'Hagan


Dunedin GP Lucy O’Hagan has her sights set on better primary care mental health services with GPs at the helm. There’s just someone she needs to convince first

So, dear David, I wish to apply to be a GP, funded for free extended mental health consults I think you are a marvellous minister of health. The


Just change your business model Lucy, apparently that can solve most of these sort of problems.

Quite possible the most disconnected Minister of health we've ever had. As you say Lucy, "Let's do this!!!", but they won't.

Worse than Dr J Coleman??

Please, no.....

Worst yet - even worse than Pete Hodgson. Thanks for that.

$75 overheads per 15 minute consult x 3 (45 mins) = $225

Procare state 1 hour of consults generates 1 hour of other time.

When we don't charge these patient we pay $225 to work 90 minutes.

Salaried people think this kind of discussion is crass by Doctors.

They just don't get it.