Everybody calls me Cam

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Everybody calls me Cam

Campbell Murdoch has come from small-town Scotland to Renwick in Marlborough, via Dundee, Dunedin, the UAE, Australia, Malaysia and rural South Island towns

Virginia McMillan meets a GP for whom 2018 marks 50 years since he began in general practice. She holds a conversation with the often-controversial Campbell Murdoch

Most of the battles in medical circles are fought in the committee room. The more time you spend in the committee room, the less good you are in the c, CAMPBELL MURDOCH W, Campbell Murdoch


I  down load the  annual  report of the  Winton  Health   trust  looking  to  see how the funding and population have  changed over the  years,since  Cam   published his  paper in NZMJ  Making it pay  and making us stay. Having  spent   32 years in  the  same  practice  I  really  wanted   to   look at   many  aspects  of the    patients  seen  from those  born in  the 1880s  to  those  born  in the  2020s a range of  140  years . It isn't  going  to  happen , but  the  if  we are  going  to   use  general practice   research  and data    to     inform decisions we  need  accurate  and  honest researchers in  general  practice  to    share their  knowledge and insights . The  modern  attitude  of  divide  and  conquer  has  not served  General  Practice  well . Back  at home   a little boy  waits !