CAPA Colloquium 2021 - Human Genomics and Pharmacogenomics

CAPA Colloquium 2021 - Human Genomics and Pharmacogenomics

Brentwood Hotel, Kilbirnie, Wellington

Our future – are you ready for it?

Targeted therapy, precision medicine, gene therapy, gene editing.

• Review and update the principles of human genomics to provide the foundation for understanding advances in the application of gene therapy
• Explore the concepts of epigenetics
• Explain the issues of genetic screening
• Discuss the application and limitations of Direct-to-Consumer genome reports
• Consider the ethics of screening, privacy (whose DNA is it?), gene therapy and editing
• Look at the current application of gene therapies – including respiratory, haematology, oncology, infection, vaccines, mental health, diabetes
• Look at the value of pharmacogenomic screening – and the application today

Email: Carolyn Woolerton

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