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...As a 63 year GP, I am aware that I do not retain perceived irrelevant or infrequently used informati....Teaching old docs new tricks: Not for the faint-hearted - Dr Barrie Winn


...A much needed pay boost for these grossly underpaid hard workers. However before we start thinking....Get ready for more pay demands across sector post care workers' deals - Geoff Cunningham


...A much deserved pay rise for these long undervalued hard working people. I wonder however whether t....Get ready for more pay demands across sector post care workers' deals - Geoff Cunningham


...Asked about Medtech's claim the delays are due to the Ministry of Health's requirement for security....700 practices remain disconnected from NES five weeks after security breach - Liane Topham-Kindley


...Are ageing, but experienced docs really more likely than young, but inexperienced docs to slip up?....GP condemns 'Logan's Run' for doctors, takes human rights case - Peter Ripley


...It's good to see the city catching up with the provinces for a change. With regard to managing DVT i....Deep vein thrombosis hospital visits plunge in Wellington region - Alan Wright


...12 GP's,, 4 practice nurses and how many patients ??. Are they serious ? The comments may be help....No evidence Care Plus works: Are our most complex patients getting short-changed? - Jon Wilcox


...this is an innovative approach so long is well structured and governed bybodies which include medica....New juggling act for deciding which health workers to train and how to do it - Dorothy Dowd


...Absolutely Jonathon. This is about empire building for Waikato academics. If you want to encourage....Enthusiasm greets school of rural health idea but Waikato Uni says it's not enough - Geoff Cunningham



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