Goodfellow Gems

17 August 2022

Less schadenfreude; try freudenfreude instead! more

3 August 2022
Effective new anxiety treatment via an more

20 July 2022
Weight loss: calorie restriction with/without time-restricted more

6 July 2022
Maintaining and rejuvenating more

22 June 2022
Small risk of gastric cancer with long-term PPI more

8 June 2022
Caution if giving Menactra with Prevenar 13 more

25 May 2022
Update on sexual health more

11 May 2022
Excess body more

27 April 2022
Chronic pain guideline for primary more

13 April 2022
Combining antidepressants better than monotherapy for more

30 March 2022
Eating disorders: what to do when waiting for the more

16 March 2022
Prevalence of more

2 March 2022
Stopping long-term more

16 February 2022
The thriving more

2 February 2022
A better understanding of more

15 December 2021
Recurrent leg cellulitis: compression stockings can more

24 November 2021
GUINZ – most children okay but some are more

10 November 2021
Ivermectin probably not effective for more

27 October 2021
Empagliflozin 10mg first effective treatment for heart failure with preserved ejection more

13 October 2021
Spirulina may be helpful for more

29 September 2021
Long COVID in patients who were not more

15 September 2021
Time to switch from ACE inhibitors to ARBs – same efficacy but more

1 September 2021
Facial palsy not associated with the Pfizer‒BioNTech COVID-19 more

18 August 2021
Cannabis with CBD and THC may be effective for chronic more

4 August 2021
Can atopic dermatitis be improved with more baths/showers, bleach baths or bath additives? more

21 July 2021
The Menopause more

7 July 2021
More evidence for spironolactone for resistant more

23 June 2021
Delaying antibiotics probably safe and reduces reconsultation more

9 June 2021
Acute more

26 May 2021
Behavioural activation is very effective for depressive symptoms after one more

12 May 2021
Ruptured Achilles tendon: 2 weeks or 8 weeks in a cast? more

28 April 2021
Tiny habits: a new way to change more

14 April 2021
Surgery an option in obstructive sleep apnoea when CPAP more

31 March 2021
Frozen shoulder: intra-articular injection probably the best more

17 March 2021
New twice-daily nitrofurantoin (Macrobid) now available in New more

3 March 2021
Hunger can and should be more

17 February 2021
Podcast series on Māori more

3 February 2021
Supervised aerobic exercise may improve fatty more

9 December 2020
Depressive symptoms and suicide attempts increase in more

18 November 2020
Self-compassion in primary care: new resources for patients and more

4 November 2020
Syphilis checks: routine for all STI checks and more

21 October 2020
Propranolol may be effective for patients with temporomandibular disorder more

7 October 2020
Unexpected weight loss and more

23 September 2020
Does running increase the risk of developing osteoarthritis? more

9 September 2020
Exercise is effective for treating postpartum more

19 August 2020
Sex education for more

12 August 2020
Cannabis and health from the New Zealand cohort more

29 July 2020
Working with vaccine-hesitant more

15 July 2020
Long-term use of the levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system and bone mineral more

1 July 2020
Pacific women in New Zealand have high rates of antenatal more

17 June 2020
Oral sucrose a good analgesic for infant more

3 June 2020
Your life and mind: running them more more

20 May 2020
Exercise is effective for osteoarthritis more

6 May 2020
Antibiotics are indicated for acute exacerbations of mild to moderate more

22 April 2020
Great COVID-19 short daily more

8 April 2020
Stretching in addition to moderate exercise is helpful for women with more

25 March 2020
Systolic blood pressure of 140mmHg treated to 120mmHg: No increase in concern about more

11 March 2020
Antidepressants may be effective for irritable bowel more

26 February 2020
Going to sleep on the side in late pregnancy (≥28 weeks) reduces risk of more

12 February 2020
Great dementia resources on Health Navigator more 

29 January 2020
Continuous oral contraceptive pill regimens are safe and more

11 December 2019
Pregnancy and more

20 November 2019
Extreme care needed with sodium valproate in pregnancy or women of childbearing more 

6 November 2019
Daily iron may help women with anaemia and more

23 October 2019
Topical and oral treatments can work for fungal nail more

9 October 2019
Bath emollient additives probably not effective for childhood more

25 September 2019
Gout in NZ: more allopurinol and fewer more

11 September 2019
Saline injections may be helpful for tennis more

14 August 2019
How many cigarettes in a bottle of wine? more

31 July 2019
Stop using Augmentin. Bring back the Augmentin-free more

3 July 2019
Increasing fluid intake by 1.5L/day can prevent recurrent UTIs in more

5 June 2019
CVD tool now includes Kiwi more

22 May 2019
Primary care weight loss study: 36% with diabetes remission after 2 more

8 May 2019
Antispasmodics and peppermint oil may be effective for more

24 April 2019
Microalbuminuria: control diabetes and BP, and use care with more

27 March 2019
Substance use disorders in later more

13 March 2019
Contraception for adolescents with disabilities: specific more

27 February 2019
Improved sexual functioning with weekend drug holidays for SSRI-induced more

13 February 2019
Emergency contraception in women weighing >70kg; consider two pills (ie, 3.0mg) more

30 January 2019
Chlamydia testing may need to be more more

12 December 2018
Possible small weight reductions on ketogenic diet but no long-term more

21 November 2018
No antibiotics for asymptomatic bacteriuria in non-pregnant more

7 November 2018
Vildagliptin now fully funded for type 2 more

24 October 2018
Bisphosphonate holiday for some after four to five more

10 October 2018
Oral flucloxacillin 1000mg with food is probably more

26 September 2018
Sniffing isopropyl alcohol effective for acute nausea in emergency more

12 September 2018
Mid-shaft clavicle fracture: conservative management as good as more

29 August 2018
Recent opioid use may cause fall-related injury in older patients with more

15 August 2018
Primary care weight loss study put almost half in remission from more

1 August 2018
Rivaroxaban (a DOAC) fully funded from 1 more

18 July 2018
T’ai chi is probably better than aerobic exercise for more

4 July 2018
Guidelines for prescribing opioids for chronic non-malignant more

20 June 2018
Vaginal self-swab better for detecting sexually transmitted infections in women than other more

6 June 2018
Management tips for the common more

23 May 2018
Highlights from 2017 bpacnz antibiotic more

9 May 2018
Type 1 and type 2 diabetes incidence rising in adolescents due to many more

25 April 2018
HRT not for primary prevention of chronic disease, and it probably causes urinary more

11 April 2018
Triple whammy of ACE/ARB + diuretic + NSAID – a dangerous more

28 March 2018
New Zealand CVD primary care guidelines: New for more

14 March 2018
Clinical diagnosis of gout without joint fluid analysis: 7 more

28 February 2018
Hydrolysed no different from conventional formula for infants at risk for type 1 more

14 February 2018
Two screening questions can rule out more

31 January 2018
Acute gout: steroids as effective as NSAIDs, but fewer side effects…read more

13 December 2017
Gabapentinoids probably ineffective in chronic low back pain and have significant adverse more

22 November 2017
Paracetamol is ineffective for acute and chronic low back more

8 November 2017
Sleep training improves infant sleep more

25 October 2017 
Tricyclics may prevent tension-type headache and reduce analgesic more

11 October 2017 
Short term steroids may be associated with sepsis, thrombosis and more

27 September 2017 
The nurse telephone call is a powerful tool for depression and possibly post-partum more

13 September 2017
Mild, moderate and vigorous exercise may be effective for more

30 August 2017
Coeliac disease can be asymptomatic: four reasons to treat more

16 August 2017
Most antidepressant benefit seen in primary care is due to placebo. Talk first prescribe more

2 August 2017
7 key H pylori points from the Maastricht V/Florence Consensus Report more

19 July 2017
Clozapine. Malignant constipation can more

5 July 2017
High dose vitamin D supplementation does not prevent more

21 June 2017
10 helpful ideas when working with transgender or gender non-conforming more

7 June 2017
Topical corticosteroids may be a safe alternative to treat more

24 May 2017
Spironolactone; effective but regular serum potassium checks recommended more

10 May 2017
Beta-blockers no longer first line for simple more

26 April 2017
Stillborn children: photographs may help the more

12 April 2017
Bronchiolitis- No medication in primary care; just monitor and refer when more

29 March 2017
Early gluten exposure probably not associated with an increase in coeliac more

15 March 2017
Asthma: LABAs, house dust, breathing exercise and more

1 March 2017
Association between gout and high intakes of more

15 February 2017
Antibiotics – shorter courses (5 days) are better (pneumonia and more

1 February 2017
Antibiotics not effective for cough and coloured sputum (acute bronchitis) more

18 January 2017
Topical steroids first for scalp more

28 December 2016
Freezing is better than acid for common warts but the same for plantar more

14 December 2016
Depression and isotretinoin – another reason for low more

23 November 2016
Drugs for male and female pattern baldness. Small benefit from finasteride and more

16 November 2016
Stop using topical more

9 November 2016
One third of non-coeliac patients with gluten sensitivity can detect more

26 October 2016
Great patient decision aid for primary prevention of more

12 October 2016
CPAP for OSA improves quality of life but does not reduce CVD more

28 September 2016
Monogenic diabetes - common and needs oral not SC more

14 September 2016
Two new diagnoses? Neurological itch on the arm and more


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