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The latest issue of NZMJ is out tomorrow

NZMA Thursday 16 February 2017, 01:13PM

Media release from NZMA

Journal of the New Zealand Medical Association (Vol 130 No 1450: 17 February 2017) comes out tomorrow


Six new studies about diabetes: what can we learn that might benefit Māori and Pacific people?
Timothy W Kenealy, Nicolette F Sheridan, Brandon J Orr-Walker

Patchy advances in child health hide a systematic failure to prioritise children in public policy
Amanda J D’Souza, Louise Signal, Richard Edwards


23 years of managing diabetic ketoacidosis at Auckland Hospital
Geoffrey Braatvedt, Amelia Tekiteki, Holly Britton, John Wallace, Manish Khanolkar

Screening for diabetes in pregnancy in a regional area with a high Māori population
Barbara Daly, Isabel Raiman, Jennifer Goodson

Unhealthy food marketing to New Zealand children and adolescents through the internet
Stefanie Vandevijvere, Karuna Sagar, Bridget Kelly, Boyd Swinburn

Psychosocial enhancement of the Green Prescription for obesity recovery: a randomised controlled trial
Doug Sellman, Ria Schroder, Daryle Deering, Jane Elmslie, James Foulds, Chris Frampton

Ethnic and geographic variations in the incidence of pancreatitis and post-pancreatitis diabetes mellitus in New Zealand: a nationwide population-based study
Sayali A Pendharkar, Juby Mathew, Jinfeng Zhao, John A Windsor, Daniel J Exeter, Max S Petrov

Long-term survival following diabetic vitrectomy
Bia Z Kim, Kuo-Luong Lee, Stephen J Guest, David Worsley

Prevalence of diabetic retinopathy at first presentation to the retinal screening service in the greater Wellington region of New Zealand 2006–2015, and implications for models of retinal screening
Lily YL Chang, Arier C Lee, Wilson Sue

Discharge outcomes of patients referred to specialist eye clinic from diabetic retinopathy screening in Northland (2014–15)
Pragnya Jagadish, David Dalziel


Proposed new industry code on unhealthy food marketing to children and young people: will it make a difference?
Boyd Swinburn, Stefanie Vandevijvere on behalf of submitting health professors

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