Our advertisers are part of our story

Our advertisers are part of our story

Led by Canon Media Awards Editorial Executive of the Year (2016) Barbara Fountain, New Zealand Doctor|Rata Aotearoa provides up-to-date news and education in print and online, aimed primarily at GPs and primary care staff. 

Our brief is broad – if it affects GPs and primary care, its business, staff, patients or ethos, we’re interested. Our team of experienced, award-winning journalists, includes reporters in Wellington and Dunedin who are dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage of news and current affairs relevant to primary care. Our large pool of clinical subject matter experts and clinical editors provide independent, trusted clinical content weekly. Drawing on a wide range of commentators, the publication also delves into the political and philosophical issues facing the health sector.

Our advertisers are part of our story; they help us deliver our award-winning news and education to busy, hardworking professionals across New Zealand. The products and services our advertisers provide enable healthcare professionals to do their job of looking after the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders. Pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, medical device and IT companies, medical specialists, real estate agencies, business support companies and many more use New Zealand Doctor to communicate their message to primary care practitioners, managers and decision-makers. 

Published fortnightly, the newspaper provides what print has provided for decades – a relaxing, comprehensive read in the place and time that suits: at home, in the staff room or at the desk. For those readers keen for a daily, personalised fix of news, our mobile-responsive website is updated daily, supported by a daily email newsletter, Twitter and Facebook. 

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