About us

Twenty seven years old and still going strong


New Zealand Doctor is a medical news publication providing up-to-date news in print and online, aimed primarily at GPs and primary care.

Our brief is broad – if it affects GPs and primary care, its business, staff, patients or ethos, we’re interested.

Our team of experienced, award-winning journalists, includes reporters in Wellington and Dunedin, who are dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage of news and current affairs relevant to primary care. 

Drawing on a wide range of commentators, the publication also delves into the political and philosophical issues facing the health sector.

Published fortnightly, the newspaper provides what print has provided for decades, a relaxing, comprehensive read in your space, at your pace.

For those readers keen for a daily fix of news, our website is updated daily. Our email newsletter, Doctor@Large, is sent to subscribers every weekday afternoon, alerting them to the day's news events.

Subscribers can also access the website via their smartphone.

Award-winning ways

We have a long history of delivering high-quality, in-depth news about general practice and primary care.

That quality of our journalism and design has been acknowledged through regular national and international media awards including, most recently, editor Barbara Fountain being named Editorial Leader of the Year at the national Canon Media Awards.

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