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System Fix: Episode 5 – What's happening out there?

The System Fix panel – Barbara Fountain, Gabrielle Baker and Tim Tenbensel – continues sifting through the bits and bobs of official news about transforming the New Zealand health and disability system. There’s more happening than first appearances might suggest 

System Fix: Episode 4 - Welcome to 2021

Time tables, game changers, the perennial issue of power plays within government systems, and more on what a Māori health agency might look like, are all up for discussion by Barbara Fountain and regular panellists Gabrielle Baker and Tim Tenbensel

System Fix: Episode 3 - Interview with health minister Andrew Little

New Zealand Doctor/Rata Aotearoa senior journalist Martin Johnston talks to health minister Andrew Little about progress with implementing the health sector changes as proposed by the Simpson Report

System Fix: Episode 2 - What next for disability services?

Disability services advocate Ruth Jones (Ngāti Porou) of Hei Whakapiki Mauri and Kanohi ki te Kanohi Consultancy and Jane Cartwright, chair of intellectual disabilities services provider Brackenridge Services, talk with New Zealand Doctor|Rata Aotearoa editor Barbara Fountain about why the Simpson report falls short for people with disabilities (With apologies for some technical glitches)

System Fix: Episode 1 - Getting started

The Health Media’s Barbara Fountain, health sector consultant Gabrielle Baker (Ngāpuhi) and health policy researcher Tim Tenbensel start out on a journey, to follow the implementation of changes to the New Zealand health and disability system. We start with introductions, some initial thoughts on legislated charters, meaningful acknowledgement of te Tiriti o Waitangi and transition – fast and slow

Primary Voices: Talking contraception with Orna McGinn
Orna McGinn Pakuranga Medical GP
Primary Thinking... With Vanessa Weenink
Primary thinking
David Clark talks primary care

Shortly before this year's general election, Fiona Thomas spoke to Labour's David Clark about what he would do, should he become health minister.

Clark 2017
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The $18 GP fee - the announcement by Jonathan Coleman

Health minister Jonathan Coleman's media conference at Onslow Medical Centre in Wellington, launching the National Party policy of $18 GP fees

Jonathan Coleman 2015
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David Haslam on obesity and more

There were two David Haslams at this year's RNZCGP conference in Dunedin. Fiona Thomas spoke to each of them. Here, she speaks to Professor David Haslam, chair of the UK's National Obesity Forum

David W Haslam