+That's Interesting

+That's Interesting

Tasmania is more than 14,500 kilometres from Oklahoma, but Australia's island state has found itself caught in the crossfire of a devastating drug epidemic that has claimed more than 700,000 lives in the US.

One hallmark of Alzheimer's disease is the massing of tangles of tau protein in the brain. Now, a new study in mice proposes that a type of brain immune cell called microglia drives the tissue damage that is linked to tau clumping.

Doctors and MPs blamed the Government for "running the NHS into the ground" for the past decade.

Health officials say the flu season may complicate diagnosis of the lung damage from vaping, masking symptoms.

The Canterbury District Health Board is refusing to say what steps it has taken since the sudden death of a highly-regarded doctor at Christchurch Hospital

A vaginal mesh implant made by one of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical firms was launched despite the company being warned it could shrink and harden inside the body, company documents reveal

When Joelle Dupas falls ill, she goes to a medical centre in her home town in rural western France where all 12 doctors have come out of retirement

It was two punches that shattered my life and I've spent years picking up the pieces