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+That's Interesting

One of the main reasons for the rise in antibiotic resistance is the improper use of antibiotics, but our latest research shows that the ingredients in commonly-used weed killers like Round-up and Kamba can also cause bacteria to become less susceptible to antibiotics

After a decade of balancing work, family and study, Three Rivers Medical nurse Kylie Morresey has joined the highest echelon of nurses in the country

Researchers from the University of Auckland’s medical school are calling on their colleagues to step up and give Māori health the consideration it needs and deserves. Teuila Fuatai reports

The number of GPs in England has fallen sharply in the past year, despite a government pledge to increase the supply of family doctors by 5,000

Cookies and sugary drinks served at government meetings are about to go away. So are imported noodles and canned fish served in tourist bungalows.

Australian socialite Maureen Boyce's son has told a jury she wanted her alleged killer to leave her apartment and go back to New Zealand before she died


Pregnant women might increase their risk of a stillbirth if they sleep on their backs during their third trimester, a new study has found

Recent studies have shown that counselling only has short-term benefits. Taxpayers' money is better spent on therapies that last a lifetime, says Robin Bailey


A nurse continuously cyber bullied for more than five years by anonymous blog posts, some of which falsely accused her of being a sex worker, is just one example of the abuse those in the profession now have to face, a researcher says

Surgeons are performing hip replacements on children as young as ten because of the damage caused by obesity, new figures show