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Apps alert doctors to infections and help them keep an eye on the healing process

GPonline reported last month that three doctors a day had sought help from the service in its first 10 months, and official figures confirm this rate continued throughout its first full year.

Improving the image of GPs and getting more working-class students to study medicine are the solutions to the growing shortage of doctors, a conference in Galway is to be told.

In a survey at the end of last year, the British Medical Association discovered that almost half of the European doctors working in Britain were considering leaving following the Brexit vote, and that nearly 1 in 5 were taking concrete steps — selling homes, looking for jobs.

In his latest book, Johann Hari argues depression is largely caused by problems with the way we live

More and more, I see students turning away from the expertise that a live person can offer and instead turning to the vast and somehow more objective-seeming “expertise” of the digital world

Frome in Somerset has seen a dramatic fall in emergency hospital admissions since it began a collective project to combat isolation. There are lessons for the rest of the country


You see them in small groups, often two or three, walking along Blenheim's roadsides to the big supermarkets. Young men from the Pacific Island archipelago of Vanuatu, they stand out in a New Zealand region not known for its multi-culturalism. But here in grape country, Marlborough, ni-Vanuatu are the driving force behind New Zealand's growing wine industry.

2017 saw more than 21,000 cases and 35 deaths, with large outbreaks in one in four countries, says World Health Organisation

Business incubator Zinc gathers 55 people from 19 countries to rethink the world’s approach to treating mental illness