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Many of us will share your sense of loss Barbara


Well done Liane - you did a grand job!

Our maths has a quick, simple, fun kid's consult generating $10 more profit than a 90 minute total time complex pensioner slog.

Be careful what you wish for.


Finally! "Health Workforce New Zealand" and "Absolute Disconnect" are one and the same.

I have to disagree with you Keith.

VLCA funding is a very crude way of targeting, largely based on where people live and ethnicity.

Sadly, as stated, this is familiar territory for a leading representative...who called for the continuation of VLCA 12 months ago.

VLCA must be abolished. We need URGENT EQUITY!

I'm sure the College would agree scrapping VLCA, and the crooked advantages it gives, is the solution.

I have added a further comment, received today from the Ministry of Health, to the end of this article.

As a pharmacist in rural Kaeo we have made allowing prescription accounts, a way of life

The practice should have a system for contacting all patients who go over time with [not] paying their bill, suggesting weekly small automatic payments till it's paid off, and offering pre-payment