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Improving diagnosis of skin conditions: DermNet’s machine learning award
Tuesday 21 November 2017
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Antibiotic awareness - A GP's perspective - Dr Cathy Stephenson
Wednesday 15 November 2017

GP Cathy Stephenson talks antibiotic resistance. Some good points at 1min25 on struggling as a parent or a GP to refuse antibiotics to a sick child, even though you know they wont help. Also good advice on how to reassure patients at 2min15. Produced by the Ministry of Health

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Mitchell and Webb Changing Meals
Friday 17 November 2017
GP Marcus Bishop
Thursday 16 November 2017
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Gout Stop 2016
Wednesday 15 November 2017

Dr Aniva Lawrence, Manaia Health PHO clinical director, and Georgia Grant-Mackie from Arthritis NZ discuss reducing the burden of gout on Māori and Pasifika families - Northland DHB 2016

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Worst football coach
Friday 10 November 2017
You've come a long way, baby... New Zealand Doctor in the wild
Wednesday 1 November 2017

From 1989 to 2017 New Zealand Doctor magazine has always prided itself on great design... Some of these covers are so good even the cats are taking an interest...

MoH kidney transplant
Tuesday 31 October 2017

A gift of hope - Georgina Beyer & Grant Pittams discuss live organ donation

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Tūī song
Tuesday 10 October 2017

New Zealand native tūīs , native wood pigeon (Kererū) and waxeyes (tauhou) in Purakaunui near Dunedin, pulblished by Tony Palmer

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Three years in covers
Sunday 8 October 2017

At New Zealand Doctor we pride ourselves on making great magazine covers. Take look at some of our favourites from the past three years

Man with a Mission: Bringing health to the homeless - March 2017
Saturday 30 September 2017
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Collective noun - things you'll never hear in the office
Monday 18 September 2017

"That air con is bang on in here today" and more from the funny people at Collective Noun

Interview with Sharon Hansen - March 2013
Wednesday 13 September 2017

New Zealand Doctor reporter Jeremy Olds interviews rural nurse practitioner Sharon Hansen

Getting better at work - July 2013
Wednesday 13 September 2017

Cardiff University Centre for Psychosocial and Disability Research director Professor Sir Mansel Aylward and Ministry of Social Development principal health advisor David Bratt discuss the shift in paradigm to viewing work as the best place for sick people to become healthy

Shift happens: Making progress with the addicts in your practice - July 2013
Wednesday 13 September 2017

Dr Gulbransen talks to reporter Virginia McMillan about responding to drug-seekers and working positively with the addicts in the standard caseload

Hands-on Help: Barry Snow, Neurologist - August 2013
Wednesday 13 September 2017

Barry Snow, a neurologist at Auckland City Hospital, discusses a flow chart he has developed to help diagnose and determine the best treatment for vertigo, and demonstrates the Dix-Hallpike test for benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)