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+That's Interesting

Graduate registered nurses in the Bay of Plenty have been quick to be offered employment, the local institute of technology says

The health boss who spent $31,000 attending a nine-day course at a Silicon Valley university flew people associated with that educator back to New Zealand as part of a quarter million dollar spend on technology workshops

Vaping should be widely encouraged as a way to help people quit smoking, and e-cigarettes should even be offered for sale in hospital shops, the government’s public health body has said

The government’s health advisers are urging the NHS to do more to help terminally ill patients achieve their wish of dying at home

Full judicial review granted to determine the lawfulness of the Secretary of State's proposals to introduce Accountable Care Organisations

Staff at Lakes District Hospital are working in ''untenable'' conditions and fear someone will die if the Southern DHB does not act quickly to address their concerns

Palestinian ambulances can be stopped at any checkpoint, adding to journey times. These delays can be life threatening

Panel of public health experts says ‘e-cigarettes cannot be simply categorized as either beneficial or harmful’ amid global debate

Selwa Hussain, from Ilford, east London, needed a new heart but was too unwell for a transplant.

She became the first woman in the UK to leave hospital with an artificial heart.

Directly across the road from the Kings Cross train station you'll find the only medically supervised injecting centre in the southern hemisphere — but that's set to change