+That's Interesting

+That's Interesting

Gisborne GP Dr Nicholas Wright is a big advocate of a plant-based diet for health and says it can reverse heart disease and diabetes

The tiny pill, Dsuvia, would be used in hospitals after surgery. But the head of the FDA committee that reviewed it fears more illegal diversion to the streets

Scientists say they have engineered a new antibiotic that appears promising in early clinical trials

GPs in England are being given permission to prescribe patients "social" activities, such as dance classes, to tackle loneliness

A new move to address NZ's teen suicide rates could soon be seen in schools and clinics

Doctors are being told to adopt a new policy of writing letters that are easier for patients to understand

Scientists believe they have found a reliable way to transform donor blood into the universal type needed for safe, emergency blood transfusions

Readers believe health money is distributed unfairly due to media coverage of funding decisions, new University of Otago research suggests

A former Oamaru doctor who touched an intellectually disabled patient inappropriately over several years has been sentenced at the Timaru District Court this morning

Experimental gene therapies have yielded promising results in early trials. But the drugs have left some patients wary, worried that success will not last.