Epilepsy New Zealand pleased with PHARMAC decision


Epilepsy New Zealand pleased with PHARMAC decision

Media release from Epilepsy New Zealand
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Epilepsy New Zealand (ENZ) welcomes the news that users of the anti-seizure medication Primidone will not have to change their tablets.

A new deal has been reached between PHARMAC and drug company Clinect to continue the supply of the identical drug Apo-Primidone but under a different name and packaging.

“This is a great outcome”, said ENZ CEO Ross Smith who also notes the communication with PHARMAC around this issue has been very good.

“We really appreciated being advised early and having the chance to submit a response to PHARMAC’s consultation around this issue”, said Mr Smith.

“It meant we were able to get out on the front foot and let people know through our social media channels”.

“For many people anxiety can be a trigger for seizures so news that people will not have to change their medication will be very welcome news”.

Primidone is a Class 1 drug and the internationally accepted best practice guidelines state that people taking it should never switch brands.

Epilepsy affects around 1 in a 100 people in New Zealand or around 48,000 people. Around 70% of people living with epilepsy are well maintained on one or more anti-seizure medications.

Epilepsy New Zealand is the only nationwide organisation providing information and support to people living with epilepsy in New Zealand

If you or someone you know needs support, please reach out to us on 0800 374537 or national@epilepsy.org.nz