Australian GPs ‘among the world’s happiest’


Australian GPs ‘among the world’s happiest’

Australian Doctor

Australian Doctor

The Young Doctors
Australian GPs worked 10 hours less on average per week than those in France or Germany
GPs working in the UK’s National Health Service were among the least likely to report being satisfied, although 57 per cent gave a positive response t


Given the pay disparities I hear about from colleagues working in Australia there's no wonder the Aussie GPs are happy, I'd say they'd be manically ecstatic compared to us!

I loved my 3 & 1/2 years there. Great access to meds, radiology and hospital services. Hours and pay rates were great, the patients were really appreciative and a PHO was what you did after breakfast. 

Without doubt their healthy primary care service was absolutely because of the representation that GPs had at state and national level. We have NOTHING in comparison.


Australia: 34 % Government Health Spending on Primary Care. AU$63.4 billion spent on Primary Care 

New Zealand: 1.46 % of Government Health spending on Primary care. NZ$256 million on Primary Care

Australia: AU$1.5 billion INCREASE in Primary Care spending for last financial year

New Zealand: under NZ$70 million increase in funding for Primary Care

I wonder why GPs in Australia are happiest and feel valued? Primary Care is NOT valued in NZ. Say what you like the spending shows it.

Some representation here would be a great start.