DHB under fire for proposal to scrap primary care role


DHB under fire for proposal to scrap primary care role

Dr Mark Peterson GP
Hawke’s Bay DHB is considering scrapping the position of chief medical officer primary care, held by Mark Peterson
I think it adds strength to the idea we already have that DHBs often under-value and do not respect primary care A DHB has proposed scrapping its


I don't think the Northland DHB's ever had one!

Who knows? 

My understanding though is that Andrew Miller is on the Executive Leadership Team

What? Mr CC has a deep-seated antipathy to General Practice? Who would have known?

Comment from Jeff Lowe:

I understand  the  constraints our DHBs work under and how this decision  financially might seem appealing. However as a strategic and investment decision it makes poor sense. The HDSR again has identified that there needs to be better integration of tier 1 and 2 services and dis establishing this position is contrary to that. Yet again it highlights the difficulty DHBs have in supporting and investigating in primary and community care when their provider arm is running in deficit. Is this decision the best decision for people this DHB serves?



I   presume  Mr  Climo    on  establishing  himself in the  office of  the  Hawkes Bay DHB     CEO went  and  introduced  himself to  all  the    individual   General practices   in the    DHB   bearing  gifts of    sustenance  and  his   cell  phone  number  so  he  could     rapidly     hit the   ground  running   when it  came  to the  important  role of  Primary  care and  general Practice in  the   health  sector .

 I  presume  he continues  to  have  regular   update  meetings  with  the   GPS    at the  coal  face     say every  three months  to  keep  them abreast of the  changes in  the  DHB     management and the   senior  medical  staff  and  that  there  is  also  a regular  and  well  attended    gathering  of the  senior    medical  staff, the  RMOS  and the    GP medical  teams in   the  Bay  to  cement  relationships  and   reinforce the    collegiality   that  he  has   endeared  amongst  staff and  contractors  of  the  DHB .

 Excellent  work    and  congratulations  if  all  the  above  has been  achieved and  will   continue  without the  Primary  care medical  officer .

Perhaps  he can  present  a   paper to  the  DHBs  CEOS  next  meeting   on the primary   , secondary  integrated   vision   for  the  DHB  !?