Excitement over prospect of GP consultants for rural training

National Rural Health Conference

Excitement over prospect of GP consultants for rural training

John Burton
Kāwhia GP John Burton is excited about the concept of the GP consultant helping to keep senior rural GPs in practice for longer
It frees up the GP to be in a consultant role, leaving the team to do the regular consultations and the GP consultant to help when things get tricky.


This GP consultant role will need special gifts and those of us who have spent time in setting up such hubs have struggled with the issue of sharing care with junior colleagues.  John modestly points out that  there may be problems when the patients can't see him personally and he can be assured that there definitely will be! We have to get our head round the challenge of doing general practice and education and research, all at the same time for the purposes of medical education.  We have to get used to consultations being shared , "ward rounds" in the community, system workshops, living anatomy and physiology demonstrations. Truly a "bush university!"

Without adequate resourcing all grand plans no matter how well-intended will come to naught. I see no evidence of any plan to adequately resource. Jerry Maguire moment. Thanks for that Minister. Words.