General practice needs a complete funding overhaul, NZMA tells minister


General practice needs a complete funding overhaul, NZMA tells minister

Kate Baddock 2016
NZMA chair Kate Baddock
NZMA Briefing for the incoming Minister of Health


Well NZMA, that's a start but Labour's promise to continue VLCA needs to be outright rejected by all of our organisations. It will liquidate many Access practices forced to unfairly compete against what will effectively be the free VLCA practices. Give it 18 months and it will be a disaster. Not that GPs with VLCA practices really care about it, think of all the newly unemployed ex Access funded GPs you can now employ as locums. Disgraceful.

The situation is so screwed tell me the wisdom of $8 GP visits? It will be cheaper to see the GP, waste 15 minutes of their precious time than to get a repeat script in every GP practice in New Zealand! Don't tell me it won't happen! Is this a wise use of an increasingly scarce resource?

Isn't it great the millionaire in the VLCA practice will get an $8 visit while the farm worker who just misses out on a Community Services Card in my Access practice has to pay $32! Where's the equity? Where's the universal proportionalism?

I agree about capitation needing a total overhaul but who would want to train in a specialty that has been so poorly represented, is so iniquitous and has no business case?!


This gives me hope for a move to equity. The NZMA and College's pre-election applauding of National's plan to preserve VLCA was incredible, as was the College making a case for VLCA preservation on National Radio this time last year.

Who in the College is advising on such a critical matter? How does the College ensure that the College's opinion and lobbying is representative of the sector? The Moodie report was representative of the sector. How does the College possibly correlate VLCA preservation with equity and proportional universalism? 

I have not met a GP with VLCA who wants to lose it. Willy Wonka didn't want to lose his golden ticket either.