Hold the front page – PSAAP fully engaged and close to reaching agreement

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Hold the front page – PSAAP fully engaged and close to reaching agreement

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The matters discussed at PSAAP sometimes defy expression in ordinary language
Like a slightly waffly haiku – pored over and signed off to within an inch of its life The wheels of progres


Well, seeing we are >50% down in our funding from when capitation started I'm expecting to have at least that increase in our payments & allowable fees increase, not to mention equity in funding formulas with the abolition of VLCA.

Now where is my Risperidone?

Seriously, if there is no urgent major change to our funding we will not be able to continue.

What  justification  did the Minister  give to  PSAAP at the end of  June for  the   $15.00 payment  for  general practice    giving   sequential Shingles vaccine on the  same  day  as  flu  vaccine ?  Are the  Minutes  of PSAAP  on  TAS   yet ? 

Sounds like things haven't changed much Cliff. Thanks for the entertainment all the same!

"This group of DHB, PHO, Ministry of Health and self-appointed “provider” representatives..." 

Fixed that for you.

...and just how were PSAAP given the mandate to reduce my funding by allegedly >50%?

The current negotiations at PSAAP will destroy General Practice. There is no pleasant way to look at this. Reduce the co-payment and you increase utilization. We know this because this is what has already happened. Limit the co-payment and do not adequately compensate for the reduced value of Capitation per consultation and the model is you work harder for less. Government could literally double Capitation and not notice any effect on budget because the amount they contribute for what they receive in terms of services is a pittance (and it would still be less than 5% of Government Health Spending). The fact that they offer only about a third to a half of what their election promises will cost says with absolute clarity that they do not value General Practice. Those supposedly representing General Practice and Primary Care at PSAAP should simply walk away until Government actually offers something reasonable - and by reasonable I mean that they need to restore Capitation to its original value in 2004 dollar values AND compensate for the increased utilization AND adequately compensate for the reduced co-payment they desire for CSC holders (either as a properly calculated Capitation amount or as a fee-for-service claim). The fact that they are even still talking when NONE of these things are on the table is simply unforgivable.

Well said Bryan, I agree 100%. It is time General Practice stood up and demanded what is fair and reasonable. We need an ASMS, our representation has been historically hopeless. Personally I feel the time has come for industrial action, we are being treated with absolute and complete contempt.

What interaction does PSAAP have with coalface General Practice.

In the last Month here in Northland I know of one GP who made $18 an hour - less than the minimum wage. 

What interaction does PSAAP have with coalface General Practice I ask again?