Muted pharmacy optimism for ARRC plan but thumbs down from aged care


Muted pharmacy optimism for ARRC plan but thumbs down from aged care


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The ARRC proposal fails to demonstrate that changing the current model will benefit patients, says Pharmacy Guild chief executive Andrew Gaudin
"I don’t know anyone [residential care providers] that has complained of bad service" Auckland pharmacists are cautiously supportive of proposed


Do  all  Aged care pharmacies  enter the patients  drugs on 1 chat or  medi  map  when the  patient  is  admitted  to  ensure that  the  times  of  administration  and the   packaging  by  the pharmacy    re matched ?

 Do  all  Aged Care  pharmacists  review the  useage of  the  PRN  medications of  residents   regularly? ensuring that   there is  a small  supply  of  such   medications available? Some  rest homes  seem to   collect    litres of   Lactulose  for  each  resident    because  no  one  checks  and  no  one  does any  inventory  management .

Does the Aged Care  pharmacist  record   the  medications   of the short term  residents  on  Intermediate care for  2/52  or  respite care  or  ex hospital  care  where the  DHB  pays for  the  cheaper  Aged care facility  bed rather than the more expensive  Geriatric  service  bed?  Is the GP  required  to  see and  admit the  short stay   resident   in   48 hrs  for  these  services  ? Is there a payment   by   all the  DHBs  for  such   patients   for the GP   involvement .?