Nationalising primary care with Uncle Hemi


Nationalising primary care with Uncle Hemi

Jim Vause 2015

Jim Vause

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The Government faces buying up practices if general practice is nationalised, writes Uncle Hemi

Uncle Hemi's advice on the call from academics to nationalise general practice - it's a win-win

Now I know there’s lots of youse out there who think them academics in Dunedin are off beam when it comes to their stunning idea of nationalising gene


A really good read Rosemary - be afraid, be very afraid.

If NZ GPs think they will be valued more, have more leave and be able to improve the health of their patients under Government/DHB "employment" they are deluded.  Well paid health managers will probably have health insurance (possibly as part of their remuneration) and have no realistic idea (or empathy) on how their "efficiencies" actually cost more as patients are denied appropriate timely GP and GP referred care and end up at ED or worse.  Additionally, what about the cost of patients' inability to work (and pay tax) or even stay independent?  The simplified url is: