Psst, you heard it here first


Psst, you heard it here first

Jim Vause 2015

Jim Vause

Back in the good old days, doctors would do everything, even curing Bessie the cow of her mastitis, reckons head of the Mahana League of Cow Farmers, Cliff Hanger

Explosive revelations from the Institute of Deep and Meaningful Health Thinkers and Former MOH Staff reach Blenheim GP Jim Vause’s ears

The Government is promising to pilot a rural medical school in Te Awamutu funded by DHB surpluses resultant from governance restructuring of the Waika



Thank you Jim, you just made my day

Good  to  see an advocate of  out of practice   apprenticeship   programmes  . and  proposing this   be implemented   for     graduate  Doctors   into  General  practice .

 They  will  of  course  come  with  funding   for  the    mentoring and  the    car  for  the  home  visits  , terminal  care,  home births  and deliveries .  The  nursing  council  has  implemented   the  Apprenticeship  programme   for   Nurse  practitioners   and  nurse  prescribers   and  have  found  if the   bar  is  set  too  high    then   nobody  passes . so   the  bar   becomes  lower  and  possibly  , if  required   brought  down  to  ground  zero .

The  fact a doctor has  a fellowship   from a  college in a recognised    College  of  general  practice  means  there  are  no  hoops  to  run  through   and   can  immediately   mentor   attendees  on  the  course . and  accept    training  funding  and  accommodation  allowances  , Theses are important  if  accommodation is   provided in the   preceptors  home  or  practice accommodation .