Replace the two-headed monster that is general practice under Govt’s thumb

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Replace the two-headed monster that is general practice under Govt’s thumb

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Dion Martley
Dion Martley is a Ponsonby GP looking for clear signals from the Government on the future for general practice

Given the chance to start again, would any GP accept the rules and funding systems that throttle general practice today? Dion Martley issues a challenge to the profession and the Government

Training more GPs will not be a solution if there is no respect, at a deeper level, for buying a practice and being an independent GP


Excellent piece Dion. The Government would never buy or take over running practices so the solution lies in your second option of treating all practices equally and allowing them to continue running as businesses. Sadly with VLCA/Access funding and poor representation this has not happened. Under Labour's proposed new terrible inequitous funding model we will see some Access practices go into liquidation as they can't compete with what will effectively be the free VLCA practices. Beggars belief that the retention of VLCA was publicly called for twelve months ago by one of our leading representatives! Disgraceful. 

well expressed ,thanks

Thanks Dion, I think this was a great commentary piece, with the treatment of general practice and, ultimately, primary care over the last few decades, aptly summarised when you say "It has been a train wreck exemplar of Strategy 101, with divide and rule the main tactic of government." But, as you point out, there is time for change and improvement.


How did it get to this?

It's easy how it got like this. When certain people in power benefit from inequities they are highly unlikely to protest loudly to even the playing field.

An old sage physician I used to work under used to say "if that sick old patient arrests, walk slowly". One or two of our representatives have walked backwards when it's come to discussing VLCA / Access funding inequities over the years.