Grit and determination form foundations of clinic

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Grit and determination form foundations of clinic

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Castlecliff Health at the NZPHA
Castlecliff Health team: Leanne Sutter, Pom Johnson, Praveen Thadigiri, The Health Media general manager Grayson Cobb, Jane Dutton, Kylie Wagstaff and Juliet Chapman


No matter how good your model of care is, it often falls down in the design of your facility. Even in a new patient-centred model of care, the practice’s physical design and proximity to other providers can work against it. The facility is often the piece of the puzzle that can’t be controlled; it’s the most difficult part. Our goal is integrated care in the community and to facilitate well-designed buildings to make that happen. We recognise that practices sometimes have to take baby steps in their journey towards this; we want to reward them for taking steps in the right direction and doing the right thing

WINNER CASTLECLIFF HEALTH The quote that adorns new clinic walls and best describes Castlecliff Health’s determination to bring their new dream pr