Announcement from Dr Lester Levy


Announcement from Dr Lester Levy

Announcement from Dr Lester Levy

Email sent by Peta Molloy (WDHB) On Behalf Of Lester Levy (ADHB/CMDHB/WDHB)
Sent: Friday, 15 December 2017 9:30 a.m.
To: # All WDHB Recipients

Dear colleagues
I am writing to let you know that in the coming months I will reach the maximum period of service by law at Waitemata DHB for an appointed DHB Chair, being nine consecutive years.

As my original appointment at Waitemata in 2009 was mid-way through the standard three-year appointment cycle, my maximum period of service will be reached on 4 June 2018.

When I was approached in 2016 to be appointed as Chair of all three metro Auckland DHBs, I accepted on the understanding that I would serve as Chair of all three only for as long as it was possible to do so by law. In line with this understanding and the original intention to have one Chair for all three metro Auckland DHBs, my term at all three DHBs will conclude when my Waitemata term finishes.

As you may be aware, on 5 December the Minister of Health David Clark announced the establishment of a Ministerial Advisory Group on the Health System. I am one of five people appointed by the Minister to this group, which will advise him on lifting the Ministry of Health’s leadership and performance, strengthening relationships across the sector and helping to deliver the Government’s strategic direction for health.

I will now bring my finishing date forward to late January 2018 to avoid any perceived conflicts of interest with my role as Chair of the three metro Auckland DHBs and as Chair of the Northern Region Governance Group. These perceived conflicts with my role on the Ministerial Advisory Group relate to the scale of population-based health funding received by the three metro Auckland DHBs and the Northern Region.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to all of you who I have worked with for your compassion, dedication, commitment and resilience – it has been a privilege to work with you.

Kind regards

Dr Lester Levy
Auckland, Counties Manukau and Waitemata DHBs