Bridges appoints Woodhouse to health


Bridges appoints Woodhouse to health

Media release from New Zealand National Party

Simon Bridges has appointed Michael Woodhouse as National’s new Health Spokesperson, with Nikki Kaye to take on Sport and Recreation and Scott Simpson Workplace Relations.

“Michael is a former CEO of a private hospital as well as having worked in the public health sector, and he has a real understanding of the health sector in New Zealand.

“He is a thorough and hardworking MP with a focus on making New Zealand a better place and he will play a vital role in coming up with the policies to improve the healthcare New Zealanders receive, and in holding the Ardern-Peters Government to account.

“Nikki is also a great fit for Sport and Recreation. She is one of Parliament’s most active athletes, competing in the Coast to Coast endurance race three times. She is a great role model for all New Zealanders who recognises the importance of sport and recreation to our communities.

“Scott will also now play a larger role in holding this Government to account, taking over the Workplace Relations role from Michael. The Government’s proposed industrial relations changes are going to slow our economy and mean fewer job opportunities for New Zealanders.

“With unions also markedly ramping up industrial action in a range of sectors, it will be important we force the Government to realise its ill thought-through measures will have a real negative effect and Scott will ensure we do that.

“These changes will ensure the National Party remains an effective and energised Opposition which opposes the Government when its proposed changes are bad for New Zealand, and works constructively with it when they’re good,” Mr Bridges says.

Woodhouse will retain the Immigration portfolio, while Kaye and Simpson will also remain National’s spokespeople for Education and Environment respectively.