College of Nurses' letter to Ashley Bloomfield and David Clark


College of Nurses' letter to Ashley Bloomfield and David Clark

Media release from College of Nurses Aotearoa NZ

The College of Nurses Aotearoa NZ ( Inc) notes the call by NZMA and GPNZ (General Practice NZ) to bring forward the release of the Simpson review of the health system.

The College does not support such a call despite recognising the long overdue need for change in the delivery of primary health care services especially.

We have long been waiting for a radical system overhaul and that allows services to truly meet the needs of the most vulnerable and which delivers with a strong and central equity focus.

Primary health care and general practice in particular has undergone immense upheaval during the COVID crisis.

Early evidence is showing that certain models of care have thrived whilst others have struggled. There is much to be learnt from that and more to learn as we move into the next phase of this evolving situation.

Such findings will further strengthen or may even alter the recommendations of the Simpson review.

Such a critical report should not be released whilst key stakeholders and indeed politicians are significantly distracted.

Nor should a report of such importance be released so close to an election.

Whilst we are indeed anxious for change we want to see the review carefully considered and implemented in a more settled environment.