GenPro chair Tim Malloy in hospital


GenPro chair Tim Malloy in hospital

from GenPro chief executive Philip Grant
Tim Malloy
Wellsford specialist GP Tim Malloy

"I am sure you will be concerned to hear that GenPro's Chair, Dr Tim Malloy, has been admitted to CCU and is receiving medical care following an MI at the start of the week.

Tim will be a colleague and friend to many of you and I am sure you share my concern for his health. I am able to provide some initial positive feedback which is that Tim has been in personal daily contact and already reports being bored!

In respect of GenPro business, I would like to thank Dr Angus Chambers, Deputy Chair, who will be adopting the role of Acting Chair for the time being - which will include leading GenPro's AGM scheduled for Tuesday 19 October - which will otherwise continue as planned with the support of the GenPro Board.

In order to respect Tim's obvious need for rest, he and his wife Nancy, have accepted my offer to receive any messages of support to be passed onto them. In the meantime, our thoughts and best wishes are with them both for a speedy recovery."