The latest issue of the New Zealand Medical Journal is out tomorrow


The latest issue of the New Zealand Medical Journal is out tomorrow

Media release from the NZMA

New Zealand Medical Journal Vol 133, No 1510

Editorial 1
SARS-CoV-2: a novel deadly virus in a globalised world
Meik Dilcher, Anja Werno, Lance C Jennings

Editorial 2
COVID-19: another infectious disease emerging at the animal-human interface
David R Murdoch, Nigel P French


Adolescent cannabis use continues its downward trend, New Zealand 2012–2018
Jude Ball, Niveditha Gurram, Greg Martin

Fasting prior to cardiac catheterisation: a single-centre observational study
Sheila Bacus, John Parsons, Jocelyne Benatar, Jithendra Somaratne, Mark Webster, Rachael Parke

Population level exposures associated with MRSA and ESBL-E. coli infection across district health boards in Aotearoa New Zealand: an ecological study
Matt Blakiston, Joshua Freeman

The role and functions of Community Health Councils in New Zealand’s health system: A document analysis
Gagan Gurung, Sarah Derrett, Robin Gauld

Intensive care unit utilisation post-oesophagectomy
Michael O’Grady, Rebecca Firth, Ross Roberts

The prevalence of microvascular complications in Waikato children and youth with type 1 diabetes has reduced 2003
Sukhbir K Sandhu, Vickie M Corbett, Lynne Chepulis, John Goldsmith, Priya Joseph, Sonya K Fraser, Joanna M McClintock, Ryan G Paul

Is the use of health services by older adults in New Zealand associated with their housing tenure?
Megan Pledger, Phoebe Dunn, Janet McDonald, Jacqueline Cumming, Kay Saville-Smith

Use of rehabilitation after hip and knee replacement in New Zealand: a national survey
Deborah L Snell, K Anne Sinnott Jerram, Jennifer A Dunn, C Jean Hsieh, Gerben DeJong, Gary J Hooper