The latest issue of the New Zealand Medical Journal is out tomorrow


The latest issue of the New Zealand Medical Journal is out tomorrow

Media release from NZMA

New Zealand Medical Journal, vol 131, no 1476: 8 June 2018

Editorial One

Lynch syndrome: much progress but many questions remain
John Keating

Editorial Two

Is it time for New Zealand to adopt alcohol policy that will reduce the harm from alcohol?
Professor Jennie Connor, Preventive and Social Medicine, University of Otago


Changes in New Zealand’s alcohol environment following implementation of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act (2012)
Stephen Randerson, Sally Casswell, Taisia Huckle

The New Zealand PIPER Project: colorectal cancer survival according to rurality, ethnicity and socioeconomic deprivation—results from a retrospective cohort study
Katrina Sharples, Melissa Firth, Victoria Hinder, Andrew Hill, Mark Jeffery, Diana Sarfati, Charis Brown, Carol Atmore, Ross Lawrenson, Papaarangi Reid, Sarah Derrett, Jerome Macapagel, John Keating, Adrian Secker, Charles De Groot, Christopher Jackson, Michael Findlay

Crisis resolution: consumer, family and referrer perspectives on care
Frances A Carter, M Joan Taylor, Madeline J Weston, Teresa A Quigley, John H Beveridge, Robert AJ Green, Steve Duffy, Joseph M Boden

Violence and aggression in the emergency department is under-reported and under-appreciate
Sandra K Richardson, Paula C Grainger, Michael W Ardagh, Russell Morrison

Holding a mirror to society? Progression towards achieving better sociodemographic representation among the University of Otago’s health professional students
Peter Crampton, Naomi Weaver, Andrea Howard

Paediatric team handover: a time to learn?
Stephen Bradley, John P Egan, Marcus Henning


The Matthew effect in New Zealand rural hospital trauma and emergency care: why rural simulation-based education matters
Marc Gutenstein, Sampsa Kiuru