Latest Journal of Primary Health Care issue out now


Latest Journal of Primary Health Care issue out now

Media release from RNZCGP

The latest issue of the College’s academic journal, the Journal of Primary Health Care, has just been published. This issue covers a wide range of topics which will be of interest to those working in primary care.

Featured articles

Guidelines, training and quality assurance: influence on general practitioner MRI referral quality

This New Zealand study reports on the effect on patient care of expanding MRI access to GPs.

Using the Pharmaceutical Collection Database to identify patient adherence to oral hypoglycaemic medicines

Of the type 2 diabetic patients receiving oral hypoglycaemics in this study, half were non-adherent.

Emerging models for successful treatment of complex regional pain syndrome in children and young adults

This report illustrates the clinical application of recent insights into neuroplasticity and individually tailored patient self-management.

Health navigation and interpreting services for patients with limited English proficiency

The roles of navigators and interpreters need to be clearly defined, and carefully targeted to address access barriers.

Educational pamphlets for improving uptake of cancer screening: a systematic review

This review evaluates the effectiveness of pamphlets as a standalone intervention for increasing cancer screening uptake among asymptomatic patients.

Abortion law reform – what it means for primary care

In this guest editorial, the author reviews New Zealand’s existing and proposed abortion services and reminds readers that bringing abortion out from under the criminal justice system does not necessarily translate into better care.

Other articles in this issue

Audit of the efficacy and complications of cyanoacrylate glue embolisation to treat varicose veins in primary care

This paper shows that a new varicose vein treatment can be delivered well by a GP with a special interest in varicose veins.​​​​​​​

Faecal immunochemical tests for occult blood testing should not be used outside of bowel screening: an audit of a large general practice

Current recommendations discourage the use of FIT outside the National Bowel Screening Programme.

Repeat prescribing safety survey

This research aims to provide a baseline understanding of members’ attitudes, awareness, processes, concerns and benefits of repeat prescribing.

Gonorrhoea: the pain and shame of notification

This article details the onerous reporting requirements related to gonorrhoea notification.

Evaluation of a compulsory reflective group for medical students

This research investigates whether participation enabled students to constructively share emotional clinical experiences and develop ethical and professional behaviour.

Experience of nurses measuring preschool body mass index for the Health target: Raising Healthy Kids

This article explores the experience of nurses performing the Before School Check since the inclusion of the Raising Healthy Kids in 2016 and mandatory BMI reporting.