NZNO urges booster shots for frontline and vulnerable


NZNO urges booster shots for frontline and vulnerable

Media release from the New Zealand Nurses Organisation
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The New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) wants a programme of COVID-19 booster shots for frontline workers and vulnerable populations put in place as soon as possible.

NZNO Industrial Services Manager Glenda Alexander said the first vaccinations started more than six months ago, and people receiving those early shots may now have waning immunisation.

"They’re still much better protected than the unvaccinated, but recent infections among presumably vaccinated health workers confirms that this is a significant health and safety issue - and one for which we could reduce risk."

Ms Alexander said NZNO is fully behind the Government’s robust approach to vaccination and wants to see all its members vaccinated.

"But while we’re pursuing a 90 percent or higher rate amongst the general population, which we support, we should also remember our current frontline workers who face COVID-19 in their workplaces every day and whose ongoing immunisation needs also to be protected.

"Frontline workers should be prioritised for the boosters. We also want to see vulnerable populations prioritised and then the general population."

Ms Alexander said she agreed with Director General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield who said today that boosters showed a good response in helping lift people's immunity and in reducing hospitalisations and serious illness.

"Waning immunisation after six months is a health and safety issue we can and should address with our frontline workers and vulnerable communities as soon as we possibly can."