Position statement on boxing


Position statement on boxing

Media release from Major Trauma National Clinical Network

The Major Trauma National Clinical Network strongly opposes boxing which is a public expression of interpersonal violence.  

Recently we have seen unnecessary death and preventable severe brain injury as a result of boxing. It is our consensus view that this so called ‘sport’ that encourages people to punch each other in the head no longer has a place in our modern society 

In particular, we are most concerned about charity events where individuals who don’t undertake boxing as a profession, risk death or permanent brain injury in the interest of raising money for a charity. The personal costs to the family and society, and the additional financial cost associated with treating the injuries sustained, is far greater than any possible monetary benefit that can be achieved for the charity.

We call on all New Zealanders to help support us in saving lives.  People in New Zealand are dying and being permanently disabled and this is preventable. It is time for us to make a change.