The Flipbook

Welcome to the temporary format for your print issue of New Zealand Doctor|Rata Aotearoa. A flipbook! This cute wee number has come into existence with the help of our advertisers because, while in Alert Level 4 lockdown, we can't deliver our print publication.

When you first take a look, the issue appears small – click in the middle and it will pop open. Use the zoom button at the top of the page spread to zoom in on the stories you want to read. Our flipbook is set up so you can easily share your copy, in the same way you share with folk in your practice. Just forward the link to this page.

With the change to Alert Level 3 we will be able to start printing again with our next issue. In the meantime, happy flippin'!


Or you might prefer..

Depending on your browser or screen, you might prefer to take a look at the original pdfs by clicking here. It may take around 30 seconds to download

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